Life Insurance Agents Flock To EAGiL

WOODCLIFF LAKE NJ-Guy Runyon, CEO of EAGiL Financial group LLC is getting national attention as the life insurance industry embraces the “PRO” (Premium Return Option). Looked upon as one of the most knowledgeable and creative estate planning minds, Runyon recently stunned life insurance agents across the country by introducing the PRO. The PRO guarantees seniors age sixty-eight and older, a return of premiums after only two years, regardless of the reason.

“The response has been overwhelming”, said Runyon. “I firmly believe Financial Planners, CPAs, and Attorneys would be remiss if they didn’t educate their clients about this option. One of the most common critical mistakes made in the creation of an estate plan, is the absence of providing options, therefore eliminating opportunities. The Premium Return Option is a mechanism of thought and purpose for one’s estate plan and allows the estate to make changes when life changes.”

The Premium Return Option, underwritten by Perfect PRO LLC was “truly a case of supply and demand”, explained Runyon. “We always try our very best to be great listeners. Our clients’ need for this product has been evident. Life often changes quickly. The best planning in the world can always be second-guessed. We play a significant role in people’s lives and have responded to their needs with a tool that hedges against future uncertainty. We conducted extensive research. The research, combined with our collective seventy years of experience with life insurance products, enabled us to develop the PRO.”

According to Runyon, since the PRO was announced, life insurance agents across the country have been flocking to EAGiL. “The PRO is about adding value”, said Runyon.

“It’s a natural progression for life insurance agents to add the Premium Return Option to their existing product line, especially given the unpredictable economy,” Runyon went on to say.

About EAGiL

EAGiL Financial Group, LLC is a national corporate and personal financial planning firm, specializing in estate planning for high net worth individuals, and conducts business in all 50 states.
EAGiL Life Settlements, LLC is a life settlement provider which purchases life insurance policies in the secondary market and currently transacts business in 39 states.

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