Michael Jackson – Death or simply ‘Put to Sleep?’

Florida – June 29, 2009 — We now know that Michael Jackson died at UCLA Medical Center after being stricken at his rented home in the posh Los Angeles neighborhood of Holmby Hills. Sources including his now tarnished “personal doctor,” Dr. Conrad Murray, have said he expired after suffering cardiac arrest. Dr. Morgan Poncy of Sunrise Detox in Lake Worth, Florida tells slight a different story: “The drug cocktail that Mr. Jackson was said to be taking most likely had very little to do with pain, but more to do with an underlying mood disorder that was fueled by his poor self image, this in turn was catalyzed by an eating disorder or even more dramatically, by bi-polar

Dr. Poncy, co-founder of Sunrise Detox, completed his internship and residency at Jackson Memorial Hospital in Miami. While continuing his private practice he became licensed to administer Suboxone — a proven, highly successful, revolutionary opiate detoxification method — and he has subsequently treated more than 3000 patients using Suboxone, more than any other physician inside the United States. After reading this, I knew I’d found the right man to discuss Mr. Jackson’s addiction to opiates, and asked him for a face-to-face interview. Dr. Poncy, himself, has never treated Michael Jackson directly, but because of his extensive knowledge of addiction, and detoxification – I thought he’d have some cogent and perceptive thoughts on Mr. Jackson’s life, addiction and death. Also, because of Dr. Poncy’s extensive work with addicts at Sunrise Detox, I was curious to hear about how Mr. Jackson’s wealth and power might have played a role in his active addiction while living and, in his subsequent death.

Dr. Poncy first began talking about Mr. Jackson’s alleged, daily “cocktail” of drugs, including – according to The London Sun — a mixture of opiates, benzodiazepines, and barbiturates such as Oxyxontin Vicodin, Dilaudid, Xanax, Zoloft, Demerol, Vistaril, Paxil, and Prilosec. Dr. Poncy said they see this type of poly-substance addiction at Sunrise Detox all the time. He reiterated that someone taking that mixture of drugs with an unknown dosage of pills on a daily basis is probably not just suffering from a pain condition – if even suffering from a pain condition at all – but self-medicating some kind of an underlying mood disorder. “Because Michael Jackson was said to also suffer from an eating disorder or some kind of self-image disorder . he may have even been suffering from bi-polar disorder . that’s when this all gets much, much more complicated. He will have gone through periods of time when he absolutely hated himself and hated the way he looked. This is when his addiction would spike and he would be ingesting even more and more medications in higher and higher dosages.” Dr. Poncy went on to explain that addicts with underlying mood disorders are often drawn to opiates because it gives them a “therapeutic window” where they feel a wave of calm. “The challenge with this type of so-called therapeutic window, of course,” says Poncy, “is that the ‘window’ becomes narrower and narrower and the appearance of the ‘window’ because less and less frequent.

Thereby the addict has to up the dosage and increase the frequency.” Dr.Poncy has certainly put together the data on this – first hand. Sunrise Detox was the first of it’s kind in South Florida and it’s success is spilling into the North East as they are set to break ground with a facility in Sterling, New Jersey in the next two to three months.

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