Planned New Hempstead Community Goes Green

/EIN News/ June 29, New Hempstead
Many organizations and studies, including the National Association of Homebuilders, have identified two complementary trends in housing for boomers and active seniors. This group, which increased by 19% in the past eight years, putting Rockland’s older adult population well over the national average, favors both universal and “green” design. With this foremost in mind, Summit Carriage Homes is currently seeking development approval, and is slated to build the first green, over 55 community in the County.

“Universal design” responds to home owners wish to age in place. Features like wide doors, lever door knobs, unobtrusive grab bars, and lower cabinet heights, with potential wheel chair access allow for staying at home even with disabilities. But, universal design goes further, to include easy touch thermostats and excellent lighting, for those normal deficiencies that aging can bring.
Green and sustainable design features the use of healthier interior and exterior materials, sustainable energy and often intersects with concepts of universal design. Benefits include:
• Reduced utility costs
• Conservation of energy and water.
• A healthier and safer home for occupants.
• Reduced harmful greenhouse gas emissions
Chuck Frankel developer and Eco Broker, says: “Green design impacts on both interior and exterior home planning.” Accordingly, professionals have been engaged to prepare a report that includes traffic flow, light quality, water drainage, soil and other contamination. “We want to do more than maintain the environment, explains, our goal is to improve it for future residents of Summit and for current and future neighbors”

Frankel explains: “We can focus on better drainage in the area of the development. At Summit we have selected several low water requiring plants, build noise buffers, and mask noises within and without his development through a mellifluous falling water fountain.”

We are making our design and construction plans by studying both the way we age and how those of all of ages live in the community. For example, for the exteriors of Summit, we have designed curving sidewalks for easy access. We are also studying outside traffic patterns during the school year so we know how parents and children and school buses use the surrounding streets. Over 55 residents see themselves as having a vested interest in assuring that the property values are increased, as they have made a commitment to age in place.
At a recent approval meeting, local residents aided developers by focusing on light, noise and mobility. “We are thrilled to get the thoughtful input from our eventual neighbors. We want to create a model development for aging in place and cannot do so without community involvement. At, all are welcome to give their ideas, thoughts and suggestions.”

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