Team Fitness America Releases July Featured Personal Trainer Of The Month

Newtown, PA – July 3, 2009 /PRAvenueNW/ — Team Fitness America continues their featured personal trainer of the month with Orange County based personal trainer and yoga instructor, Joy Hoffmaster. Each month Team Fitness America releases their top personal trainer of the month from personal trainers handpicked from throughout their 18 serviceable metropolitan areas.

Joy Hoffmaster, a highly recommended Orange County personal trainer for Team Fitness America, is being featured as July’s winner due to her excellent client reviews, diversity in training abilities, and her continued success with helping her clients reach their fitness goals.

Hoffmaster develops a client’s program through a carefully planned approach and broadens their fitness experience through traditional personal training while including certain yoga principles to give them a well-balanced physique.

A few Team Fitness America clients decided to share their thoughts and feelings about her.

“Even though I am usually adverse to any physical exercise, Joy has made it possible for me to finally maintain a consistent fitness regimen,” says Rob Ring, a client of Team Fitness America.

“She creatively includes various exercises to keep things fun and has a great attitude that makes even a novice such as myself feel comfortable and motivated,” adds Ring.

Other clients such as Sara Vogt-Lowell included, “Joy is a wonderful trainer…she motivates me to do those few extra reps when I’m ready to give up and really maximizes my workout.”

Team Fitness America has a wide variety of affordable personal trainers that are spectacular at achieving results, but only one personal trainer per month will be chosen as The Fitness Trainer Of The Month.

“We are very happy to have a personal trainer like Joy as part of our team,” says Margaret Pajak, Team Fitness America founder and president.

“We aim to keep providing America with personal trainers like her and to have them share in the many joys of reaching fitness goals at an affordable price,” says Pajak.

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