St. Louis, MO – This book is designed to help you to understand your credit report, how to make money, and how to live a comfortable life.

I’m not an expert or advisor; I’m just an average person just like you. I had credit problems and I couldn’t keep a dollar in my pocket.

But I learned how to make extra money and I read financial guided to help me understand my credit better. I just want to share my knowledge and personal experiences with you.

I have a chapter dedicated to the ladies; I want to teach the ladies how to become a hustler in this so called man’s world. I want the ladies to use their talents to earn money. We need to learn a trade, so when we buy a house we can try to fix things ourselves or make money on the side. If you been on your job for years it’s time to be the boss or to be in a supervisory position. Don’t let this pass you up because of more responsibilities. Know your job well, so that you can be in the position to get that raise or promotion.

We need to get out of the bad spending habits. For example, “Do you really need a new car with a new car payment or just a new mechanic”? So, prepare yourself financial when you make any purchase. The reward is living the life you dreamed of, taking the vacation you always wanted to take because you finances are good.

So enjoy life and remember, this is not a get rich quick book or a book that will change your life immediately after you read it. This book will help guide you to make good financial decisions and a Steady Income!

Author: Barron Smith
Title: Steady Income (The Diary of Making Money)
Publisher: Author House
Contact: 314-517-5739