Check out these new DOG/HUMAN POWERED rigs ! They are the FIRST to place a pulling animal (dog, mini horses, goats, etc) BEHIND the steering wheel making the process so easy, practical and appropriate for urban sidewalks, bike paths and easier dirt trails. The basic unit is an adult kick scooter or a “tadpole” type trike (with 2 wheels in the front for powerful steering and braking). Either unit is very stable and easy to ride for kids and us old timers, without a dog BUT the addition of the dog actually stabilizes the unit even further. So much so that these rigs even have application for the disabled. The dog is clipped into an “outrigger bar” at each shoulder (thus limiting him to only forward travel) and allows the dog to pull. The pulling weight is transferred to the dogs harness evenly on both sides and NO downward weight is applied to the dog. The DOG CONTROL is almost easier and better than a leash since the dog is in one place and can only go forward thus excellent for the reactive/aggressive dogs.

Most dogs get over the spookiness of the restriction in one session but some take more time. This “training” phase is very short and simple compared to the extensive command training of the traditional “dog out front” method.

The outrigger bar is vertically adjustable and can fit most dogs with a tall bar for the giant breeds. And up to 4 dogs can be attached to either the scooter or the trike !

Custom downsized units are also available for the small energetic dogs with high drive like the jack russel terriers and the boston terriers but of course you will need MORE small dogs.

The rider can do any or all of the work (you do need to help up all the hills) but its a real mushing sport when the dog does most of the flat work. The actually pulling force needed to pull a 180 lb. person with these rigs on pavement or smooth/packed dirt is only 4-6 lbs. The normal gait is a trott but often a youngish dog with drive will gallop.

Of course DOG SAFETY is of paramount importance so factors such as outdoor temperature, surface conditions, rider to dog weight ratios, availability of water, age of the dog, etc. need to be considered.
The units are all quality and start at $555 delivered.

To learn more go to: WWW.DOGPOWEREDSCOOTER.COM of Bend, Oregon at 541-383-3845