Petroleum Industry Fundamentals 2009

/EIN News/ 8th September 2009
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Key Events at: Petroleum Industry Fundamentals 2009 – Separately Bookable:

-2nd Petroleum Industry Fundamentals

-2nd PetroAfricanus Highveld Dinner

This special Program is uniquely designed for new and existing players seeking fuller understanding of the world and Africa upstream oil and
gas game. The Workshop provides essential training and insights on the basic global oil industry framework across the value-chain and the
character of the petroleum business from exploration to discoveries and development to production, including critical above-ground issues for

Our 2nd Petroleum Industry Fundamentals Workshop will be presented by Dr Duncan Clarke (Chairman & CEO, Global Pacific & Partners), a leading global strategist, writer, speaker and thinker on the world upstream and Africa’s oil/gas and corporate strategies, including National Oil Companies in Africa, Asia, Latin America, MidEast and Europe. He is author of the widely-acclaimed Crude Continent: The Struggle for Africa’s Oil Prize (Profile Books, 2008), and The Battle For Barrels (Profile, 2007) and Empires Of Oil (Profile, 2007), copies of which will be provided to Delegates.

This timely Workshop for management and players seeking a future in the industry provides clear insight into the fabric of the global oil/gas, game, the evolving industry structure, key nomenclature in use, the basic economics and models driving the oil industry, issues impacting Africa’s past, present and future, including claims of a “Continental Oil Curse”, thorny questions of world oil resource endowment and reserves (including peak oil debates), and critical images on the emerging world oil future relevant for large and small companies, state-owned entities and Governments shaping the current and future oil and energy game.

Delegates access Presentations (750 Images) online, plus benefit from oil/energy industry networking in an interactive and intensive forum.

The Workshop is held prior to our separately bookable 2nd PetroAfricanus Dinner on The Highveld, with invited Guest Speaker: Thulani S. Gcabashe, Executive Chairman, BuiltAfrica Holdings, taking place on the evening of 8th September 2009.

This Management Training Workshop is designed for decision-makers involved in oil and gas, including those seeking deeper understanding of this complex industry:

* Oil & Gas Companies
* Exploration & New Ventures
* Midstream & Downstream
* Government Officials In Energy
* Ministries & National Regulatory Authorities
* Petrochemical Companies
* Refiners and Suppliers
* Traders & Oil Products
* Shippers/Brokers
* Environmental Agencies
* Banking and Financial Institutions
* Energy Law Firms
* Engineering & Contracting Companies
* Consultancies
* Associations
* Unions
* Media

For The Benefit Of:

* Chief Executives & Managing Directors
* Managers & Team Leaders In Oil & Gas
* Government Representatives
* Policy Planners
* Embassies & Trade Delegations
* Contract Managers
* Auditors & Risk Assessors
* Investment Bankers
* Private and Public Investors
* Project Finance & Advisors
* In-House Legal Counsel
* Energy Lawyers
* Marketing Executives

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