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Highland Heights, KY – July 27, 2009 — SAFECARD SYSTEM(R), a new service from Background Bureau, Inc. in Highland Heights, KY, a suburb of Greater Cincinnati, ends safety concerns when you call a contractor or service person ‘nationwide’ to your home or office.

Services that advertise SAFECARD(R) and whose personnel display the plastic, photo ID badge, provide proof of employees’ safe criminal, sex offender and drug use history. It eliminates concerns as to “who they are, where they’ve been and what they’ve done.”

Even families wishing to hire home, senior care or child care assistance can have an applicant call Background Bureau to obtain their own card, which is more convenient than asking the applicant to produce other proof.

According to Sam Paris, C.E.O ,”family and employee safety requires more than a lip service statement saying background checks were done. Every assigned employee should display their Safecard photo ID. A competent check should meet certain standards, including a seven year misdemeanor and felony search along with sex offender registries and identity verification. “

Any qualified Consumer Reporting Agency (CRA), such as members of NAPBS, can provide the research and order cards for its customers through Safecard. Users can also display the logo in their promotion and advertising.

Paris, whose firm has been providing background checks and drug testing, for over twenty five years, said “the idea came in response to client requests for a convenient way for them to prove safety to their own customers.”


The media is invited to take a guided tour of the Safecard system, contact Same Paris at: [email protected] or 800.854.3990.

Consumers and Businesses

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