New Book – ‘Art of Recovery’ Transforming Shame and Addiction Mythology

What happens when you live a life free from addictive substances or compulsive and obsessive behaviors?

Salt Lake City, UT – July 27,2009 — Respected College Professor and Life Coach, author Paul Stiles Randak, answers these questions and more in The Art of Recovery (202 pp., tpb, $12.95), a journey of personal transformation and healing. Offering a deep exploration of the connection between shame and addiction and how one’s personal mythology is often formed by the residual effect of unresolved grief, loss and trauma. The Art of Recovery weaves the author’s personal stories and experience into a practical guide that creates awareness of the addictive mind and offers down to earth tools for personal transformation.

A powerful yet simple truth about the journey of personal transformation and self discovery. Learn to embrace the grief and forgiveness process, to discover and live a sober and purposeful life.

“After beginning my journey, I was surprised to feel my senses waking up. I was almost certain they’d given up on me – and, suddenly, I was actually experiencing my world. I could relate to and communicate with my environment and those in it, as if I were “Home”, no matter where I was…Now I feel free to be my Self..and for the first time, I know who I am…” ~ Casey

“The nature of recovery is not always the notion that a person focus on what they need to ‘stop doing’ as much as it is that they ‘start being’ true and honest with themselves and that they live through their authentic self”, Paul Stiles Randak. Learn more about the Art of Recovery and Paul Stiles Randak at

ISBN 1-448630-41-X
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