Sustainability Is Priority For Widmeyer

Washington, DC – July 28, 2009 — Often times a quick and easy fix for getting rid of excess office furniture and equipment is throwing it away in a landfill and being done. Meanwhile, local non profits are in desperate need of these items and the environment can do without more waste. The Washington, DC based communications company, Widmeyer, called on the services of Etreev, and donated various pieces of office furniture and equipment to six different non profits: Artomatic, Communidad de Fe, Homestretch, Lighthouse Ministries, The Washington Chiefs, AMEN (Arlingtonians Meeting Emergency Needs), and Books for America.

“It was a pleasure to work with a reputable firm, I appreciated their interest and willingness to get their items out to agencies in need” said Gregory Korthase, President of Etreev. According to Mr. Korthase, over 14 tons of material was diverted from the landfill and 35 metric tons of greenhouse gases were eliminated. Every American produces an average of 4.5 pounds of waste a day. This collaboration allowed Widmeyer to reduce the equivalent of waste produced by 6,254 people a day.

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