Press Release Distribution Expanded To Full Online Visibility

Naples, FL July 29, 2009 — Rapid Press Release, a Press Release Distribution Service announced today it has expanded its services to include a full ‘Online Visibility’ package.

The new ‘Online Visibility’ package includes their standard press release distribution of sending press releases directly to the media that writes and talks on the subject matter per each individual press release. Jake Robins, a press release writer and editor for Rapid Press Release says. “Our media release distribution service sends news releases to media outlets, reporters, journalist, editors, online news outlets and B2B trade groups. Robins went on to say, “We personally review each and every release and match it to a tailored audience to have ‘optimal impact’. Our method is the best way to get your news in front of those that review, write and talk about it.”

The highlights of the additional new services are: promoting your website (SEO boost), sending out weekly press releases with tailed keywords and links helps get their clients found when using a search engines such as Google, Yahoo and Bing. William Schroyer, a press release reviewer and press release distribution manager says, “Our new service helps boost our clients SEO, it also allows then to send a full press release distribution when they have premium news they wish to get out to the media…And for our clients that send more then 8 per year, they will receive a substantial savings off of what we normally charge per press release.”

Schroyer states. “Recently we have hired some local web developers and freelances to take over the ‘day-to-day’ updates of our websites and database operations. This allowed our expert SEO and marketers to now interact more with our clients…The result was; we a added a full website evaluation for clients that purchases our ‘Online Visibility’ package.” The ‘Online Visibility’ plan includes a ‘workup’ on how clients can improve there websites overall performance.

“One of the target ‘new clients’ we are actively pursuing with this plan are ‘Public Relations’ and ‘Marketing’ professionals,” says Schroyer. Schroyer went on to say, “We provide complete anonymity for the PR industry, we maintain 2 separate networks for publishing news online, one is completely visible on our website and one is not. This keeps Rapid Press Release invisible to the ‘end client’.

Details of the Online Visibility Package:

* 52 press release per year (1 per week)
* SEO Optimized
* Half price distribution for premium news releases
* Full website evaluation workup.

For more information contact: Jake or Bill, 1.888.775.1557 or visit:

Online Visibility
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