Goverlan Remote Administration Suite v7 is Released

PJ Technologies announces the release of Goverlan™ v7, the next generation of its remote administration suite for IT Professionals.

Miami, FL – August 3, 2009 —

Goverlan Remote Administration Suite v7

PJ Technologies Inc., a leading provider of remote administration products for Windows(R) platforms, is pleased to announce the release of Goverlan™ version 7. This latest version is a major overhaul of its flagship product which meets the latest IT requirements of today’s corporate networks.

The Goverlan Remote Administration Suite v7, for Active Directory and Windows platforms, is designed to fulfill the demanding needs of constantly evolving IT infrastructures. It offers an extensive set of solutions for technical support teams, system administrators and infrastructure engineers.

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Amongst the exciting new features in Goverlan v7 are:

– Full support of Citrix(R) XenServer and Microsoft(R) Terminal Services Server clients. Goverlan v7 supports both fat and thin clients. Whether users are logged-in locally on a machine, or remotely via ICA or RDP, Goverlan v7 can support and manage them remotely. Goverlan can even shadow RDP/ICA user sessions.

– Advanced Desktop Management via Batch & Scripts. Goverlan provides the tools to design and dispatch the execution of scripts across your infrastructure. Use WMIX v2 to easily design and generate WMI scripts. Use the Goverlan Command Line utility to gain access to the full set of Goverlan features in your own scripts. Use the Goverlan Batch & Scripts feature to dispatch the execution of your local batch and scripts onto your machines and receive a consolidated report of console outputs.

– Remote Assistance Anytime and Anywhere. Goverlan supports both on-site and off-site clients. The Goverlan Remote Assistance feature allows you to generate Assistance Access Tokens which can be emailed to a client or made available via a web site. Once the client accepts the access token, you gain full access to their machine. No matter where they are!

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“We have designed Goverlan™ v7 to break all limits on what can be done on remote machines and on how remote users can be supported. Goverlan v7 is going to be the definite solution for all IT administration needs. We are very excited to see the response of our clients and the media about this new release.” says Pascal Bergeot, Chief Software Architect and CEO of PJ Technologies.

To view the full set of new features offered by Goverlan™ v7 and access downloads, please visit our web site at:

Pricing Information:

The Goverlan Remote Administration Suite v7 is priced at $699 per user license.
Our products are licensed on a per-user basis. There is no additional fee for the client nodes being administered. A single license authorizes a single person to use our product and administer an unlimited number of clients.

Contact Information:

Pascal Bergeot
PJ Technologies, Inc.
888 330 4188 x84
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