New Political Thriller Calls for Constitutional Convention

“Ops Populi: Inception” Sets the stage for America’s Future

Fredericksburg, VA – August 3, 2009 — A billionaire patriot and philanthropist, Martin Lochridge, discovers what is to be his legacy in a lecture hosted by a small non-profit in Maine. He spends the next 10 years forming Ops Populi, the secretive organization that ultimately will put his legacy into action: a massive campaign for a peoples’ constitutional convention which will, he hopes, result in a United States where the ideals of the Founders can finally be attained and where the potential to end human suffering can be realized.

But the person who inspired Ops Populi – political scientist and National Guardsman, Sean May – is immersed in a ring of corruption with his unwitting companion, Virginia Burress, and Lochridge must first rescue them from their perilous quagmire in order to have any hope of May’s help in implementing Ops Populi’s plans.

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Midwest Book Review

“What some people give for their country is life changing. “Inception” tells the success story of retired billionaire and army officer Sean May. When an injury in Iraq sends him on a spiral onto the streets poor and destitute, his only chance for happiness may be one caring woman and a piece of evidence that could damn several corrupt individuals higher up. “Inception” is an absorbing novel of political intrigue and patriotism.”


“”Ops Populi: Inception” by author Mike Lieber is a fast paced, entertaining and craftily woven political thriller. With many subplots the author tells the story of power and patriotism. The characters and dialogue set the stage for a first rate novel that will have every reader begging for a sequel.”

About Mike Lieber

Mike Lieber holds bachelor’s and master’s degrees in political science. He is a business owner, husband and father, and previously served in the United States Army, first as an enlisted man, and then as a commissioned officer. He and his family live in Virginia. Visit

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Title: Ops Populi
Author: Mike Lieber
Genre: Political thriller
ISBN: 978-0615265001
Publication Date: July 1, 2009
Pages: 400
Price: $14.95
Publisher: Astute Publishing Company