Chicago – Innocent Victim Of Injustice Still Imprisoned By Circumstances

Provided a certificate of innocence by the court…
Alton on his recovery from 26 years of incarceration.

Chicago, IL – August 4, 2009 — Alton Logan has spent the last 26 years of his life in jail. Wrongfully accused and then convicted of a crime he didn’t commit, Alton has spent half of his life wondering why the system didn’t work. He was given a life term for a murder that someone else committed.

Now, Alton is free because those who knew the truth – that Logan was innocent – finally came forward and gave the courts the proof that they have held onto for years. During his incarceration, Alton missed his family, the ability to work and earn his living, and even his mother’s funeral.

Normally, criminals are released from jail and provided a set of clothing and funds to take care of themselves. They also receive placement assistance for work and living. Not Alton. Alton was released in the clothes that he wore on his back and as he walked from the courtroom, his aunt held the back of his pants up because he had no belt to hold his pants on.

Alton has not been provided the same courtesies that our judicial system provides to convicted criminals who actually are guilty. He has been left penniless and still branded as a criminal, though he is innocent.

Although he has been provided a certificate of innocence by the court, Alton is still perceived as a criminal. Alton’s innocence is evident to those around him and was proven in court prior to his release. Caring individuals have banded together to help this gentle man.

Friends of Alton Logan has been created to develop and garner funds to assist Alton on his recovery from 26 years of incarceration. The Friends of Alton Logan organization is seeking donations to assist Alton in retraining, work search, and basic living essentials.

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