Rock Impressions Review Of Alessandro Bottura- Popular New Morning Grooves

Tuesday, August 04, 2009

/PRAvenueNW/ — “Times are changed compared to 70s, 80s and 90s, music tries to derive benefits from the net. This modern weapon, indissolubly tied to computer, allows to been known and self-product oneself in the eyes of the whole world. Recording studios and producing companies are less and less useful, but that isn’t totally a negative side for music’s future. Thousands of musical talents all around the world, without internet, would have been remained anonymous. That’s the case of Alessandro Bottura, a local and valid multi-instrumentalist. Bottura loves to play mainly the bass and the way of playing recalls inexorably to the mind the name of Jaco Pastorius. So, we’re talking’ about a Rock Jazz with flashes of Fusion. Surely to the more attentive of you, Bottura’s name doesn’t sound new, and in fact surely made it work.

The track “May Day Mayhem”, then, is topping the RadioIndy’s chart in America and the Reverbnation’s one here in Italy. This is why we can find “Morning Grooves” on, I-Tunes, CdBaby, Napster and much more websites of that kind. Internet is a stab in the back of the musical business because of wild downloading, but at the same time is an inexhaustible forge of brand new artists. “Out Of Sight” is a track that immediately displays the artist’s gifts and opens more than worthily the CD. Personally, I love very much the warm sound of the bass and this heats me inside, making me immediately endear this music. I don’t hide that I’ve been a big fan of the Canadian band Uzeb and those of you that knows them can understand what I mean for warm sound, even Bottura himself, I think. Jazz improvisation, good guitar solos and some nice drum roll, accompany the listening. And it’s not by chance that the second track has named “Mind, Passion & Instinct”, the real summary of “Morning Grooves”, valid more than a thousand words…But pay attention, we’re not listening to a self-celebratory record, although all the ingredients leads to that, there’s also heart and really melodic piano moments. There’s joy in “Quetzalcoatl”, so much that the foot starts to beat track rhythm by itself. Delightful is also the dynamism of the guitar in the final of “Deaf Kids’ Disco”, but, as I told before, the record star is “May Day Mayhem”. Dragging rhythm and explosive bass, it represents Alessandro Bottura’s present sound at his best.

All the record is very pleasant to be listened and flows away quickly in his nine tracks and fifty minutes. Surely, it isn’t all a bed of roses, let’s come to the faults (even if little), I think that sometimes there’s a need to dare more, for what concern the writing side. That’s giving a stylistic paw, too often (but that’s also a genre’s fault) some deja-vus come to the mind. The second mole is a little critic, personally I’m still tied to certain canons, so that, for me, the artwork is still important, a completion of the whole work..and here things don’t go well at all. For everything else, boys, let’s give a listen to this new Italian artist, you won’t regret. Meanwhile, welcome and good luck to Alessandro Bottura”

– Massimo Salari for “Rock Impressions”

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