Decorated New York City Fire Lieutenant writes a fiery romance book

New York NY August 5th 2009 /PRAvenueNW/ — Firefighter Brody spent much his first year on the FDNY shuffling from mandatory twenty-four hour shifts in the firehouse to funerals of his fallen brothers – sometimes two a day. In late 2002 a year had passed and Firefighter Brody decided to write again. To relieve some of the stress of the previous year he decided to write something light-hearted and fun. When a “Shakira,” music video came on the television in the firehouse he got the idea for his first book entitled “RESCUING MADISON.”

In RESCUING MADISON, a young, New York City firefighter and a gorgeous, Midwestern Pop Star test the possibility of an impossible relationship. There’s romance, drama, action and plenty of laughs for teens and young adults. Terry has written several award winning screenplays. Rescuing Madison is based on his most popular one. He has a produced short film called “BEER, CHOCOLATE OR YOU” which can be seen on

Terry Brody
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