Legal news article for Illinois nursing home attorneys. A La Salle County nursing home may be fined for code violations.

Illinois lawyer’s alert- The Illinois Department of Public Health and Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services fine a nursing home for violations.

Ottawa, IL—La Salle County may face heavy fines reaching an upwards of $20,000 or more issued by the U.S. Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) The fines stem from code violations at a La Salle County nursing home where allegedly a male patient sexually molested 10 women, as reported by the La Salle News Tribune.

In a 61-page report conducted by the Illinois Department of Public Health (IDPH) last month revealed, how a male patient targeted female patients suffering from dementia from December to May. The report states the fines are “Due to administrative staff’s failures to implement policies and procedures for abuse, failure to recognize abuse, and failure to effectively manage facility resources, sexual abuse occurred for 10 residents.” Employees and nurses working at the nursing home, along with patients residing at the care facility interviewed by state health department personnel about the allegations, stated the male resident in question would feel the female residents breasts, attempt to kiss them, and often used foul language in regards to sex when in the common areas of the nursing home. The man often would allegedly wait until the nurse’s aid would leave the room and then approach the female patients suffering from dementia.

The IDPH recommended the CMS to issue fines against the La Salle County nursing home $20,000 plus $100 for each day from June 6th, when the issue was filed until July 6th, when the nursing home regained compliance. The violations the nursing home is being charged for have not been released, but an IDPH official stated they were from “systematic problems.” The male patient accused of the sexual abuse left the La Salle County nursing home on June 6.

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