The Book Of Knotsense – A Lively Collection Of Humorous Cartoons And Puns

“The Book of Knotsense” Achieves Worldwide Distribution

Milledgeville, GA – August 10, 2009 — “There is no stopping humor and there is no limit to having funny thoughts. Fans of humor and puns are in for a special reading treat,” says Jerry Tomlin, the author of ‘The Book Of Knotsense’.

The Book of Knotsense.
(ISBN 1-42517-520-1)

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The Book of Knotsense is more than just a humor book as it also has a positive philosophy and reflections on relationships as seen through the author’s eccentric sense of humor. It is a collection of cartoons that all have a wooden knot, or knots, which he has dubbed “What Knots,” that get incorporated into a cartoon pun. Each piece will leave readers laughing and make them think about the many funny messages that they project such as Y-knot, Half Knot Want Knot, Knot in a Million Years, Knot on Your Bottom Dollar, Knot-T Knot-T, a One Knot Stand, The School of Hard Knots and many more. From the first page until the last, this book will keep you thinking about knots as you will also be challenged to try and guess the pun before the answer is revealed which should give you big reasons to be tickled.

The Book of Knotsense has received accolades from comedian and “Are You Smarter Than a Fifth Grader?” host Jeff Foxworthy, who wrote, “You are knot going to believe how many ways Jerry has found to use tree knots in this book. He’s knot right! I hope you get as big a kick out of it as I did!”

Also Apple Co-founder Steve Wozniak wrote, “As I started the book I figured it was knot so good, but the puns grow page by page and it becomes rather entertaining. I happen to love making puns so this book hits a good spot. Keep it up, Woz”

And Rocky Horror Picture Show creator and Riff Raff in the movie, Richard O’Brien wrote a postcard reading, “Dear Jerry, Knot only did I enjoy your knotty conundrums, but I also involved my granny (Knot Smith) who is knot easily amused.”

In the past year The Book of Knotsense has been exhibited at the Frankfort Germany Book Fair, The Beijing International Book Show, The Miami International Book Show and Book Expo America and as a result has achieved listings with book distributors around the world in addition to numerous US dealers.

About the Author Author

Jerry Tomlin was originally from Shreveport, LA but now calls Milledgeville, GA. his home. He was formerly an RN for over 30 years before pursuing a carreer as a cartoonist and author. He has successfully run a crow guiding and mail order hunting supply business called The Crow Roost since producing the very first crow hunting instructional video “Eating Crow” in 1991. Since that time he has sold over 3500 copies of the video and personally knows exactly how a crow feels when it gets shot as 6 years ago he got Dick Cheneyed with a load of #6 shot at 30 yards. He has appeared on 9 Outdoor TV shows demonstrsting his “Duck Hunting Method” for shooting crows as well as has written himself and had other writers write numerous articles about his technique. He is a graduate of the Jeff Justice Stand-up Comedian Workshops Level I & II. And has a total of eight books planned for the Knotsense series. Recently he has launched a new venture Emergency Miracle Services with a line of products that say the individual who saved you or a loved one’s life is awarded the title of being an Emergency Miracle Technician. Also as a former instructor with Challenge to America he has adpoted the following philosophy. “As you go through life, if you can learn to become an adjustible wrench, then you’ll be able to fit just about any Knot (nut) that comes along”.

The Book of Knotsense * by Jerry Tomlin e-mail – [email protected] Publication Date: 1 JUN 08 Phone – (478) 457-4747 Trade Paperback; $12.95; 102 pages; ISBN 978-1-4363-3149-4 Authors website for the book – Publisher’s webpage – Authors other websites – and Future Additional Books in the Knotsense series – “The Book of MORE Knotsense”, “The Book of Historical Knotsense”, “The Book of Literary Knotsense”, “The Book of Musical Knotsense”, “The Book of Modern TechKnotlogy”, and two children’s books “A Knotsense Story” and “Another Knotsense Story”