Legal news for Minnesota marketing attorney’s. NFL sued in a class-action lawsuit claiming they used former player identities without permission.

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Minneapolis, MN—Six National Football League (NFL) and Hall of Fame players are suing the professional football league for using their names and images without their permission, for products and footage in which they make a profit from. The class-action marketing lawsuit was filed Thursday, August 20, 2009, in the federal district court in Minneapolis, as reported by the LA Times.

The lawsuit accuses the NFL of using retired Hall of Fame players’ and NFL players identities for profit in films, football highlight reels, and memorabilia without the compensating the players. The lawsuit, filed by Elvin Bethea, is seeking an upwards of $5 million dollars, even though it is unclear how much the players are owed. The other plaintiffs named in the lawsuit are Jim Marshall, Joe Senser, Fred Dryer, and Dan Pastorini. They are expecting more players to join the lawsuit. Several former NFL football players claim they struggle financially and are still suffering from injuries sustained during their “glory days.”

A recent lawsuit settled in June, awarded more than 2,000 NFL retirees $26.25 million for using their likeness in video games, trading cards and other sports products and memorabilia. The lawsuit was filed in 2007, accused the NFL of neglecting to actively pursue marketing deals for the products.

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