Learn the Latest Decision Making Trends in Category Management at Demand Analytic Conference

Framingham, MA – August 24, 2009/PRAvenueNW/ — Consumer goods manufacturers and retailers today need insightful shopper information in real-time and on-demand. Accurate data helps them make timely promotional mix decisions that meet consumer demands and increases profitability. Kenosia, a leading provider of data analytics solutions, has provided solutions for category managers for over a decade. DataAlchemy is Kenosia’s (www.kenosia.com) flagship data analytic software solution that delivers relevant information buried deep within multiple data sources such as POS, syndicated, demographic, survey and internal information sources.

With DataAlchemy, static routine reporting that once took days can now be delivered in minutes. DataAlchemy produces dynamic charts and tables that leverage the combined data for use in well-known Microsoft Office applications like PowerPoint and Excel. At this year’s “Intelligence Unleashed, Demand Analytics Conference”, October 7th – 8th in New Orleans, participants will learn the latest decision making trends in category management. Attendees will be introduced to the new DataAlchemy at the conference and will get a sneak preview of brand new features that will transform data into profits.

In addition to in-depth discussions about best practices for dealing with the increasing amounts of data and complexity facing market analytics professionals, this year’s conference will also explore the emerging technologies and challenges being posed by mobility and real-time demand data being derived from consumers at the point of purchase. This unique integration of technology and market analytics makes this conference a must for category managers, brand managers and market analytics professionals as well as IT professionals charged with getting the right data to the right person at the right time.

Past attendees have included category managers and other market analytics professionals charged with analyzing and delivering insights from demand data from sources such as Wal-Mart, Home Depot, Lowe’s, Sears/K-Mart, Target, Walgreens, Rite-Aid, CVS and many more. The conference will be educational for everyone who attends. Some topics include Balkanization of Demand Data Feeds and Understanding the Relationship between the Internet of Things, Real-Time Data and Your Business. Ron Bienvenu, Kenosia’s CEO, will introduce his book titled “The Fourth Shock” and provide his vision of the newest trends which will revolutionize performance in the Consumer Goods Industry.

To make faster more effective decisions in the office and in the field, contact Deb Palma at [email protected] or go to the Web site to register or get more information. Early registration ends August 31, 2009 and is the last chance to take advantage of the Early Bird Rate of $995.00. Regular registration fees and details can be found on the Kenosia – Data Alchemy Web site.


About Kenosia Corporation

Kenosia Corporation provides award-winning enterprise solutions that empower manufacturers, retailers and sales agents to analyze and profit from critical information. The company’s flagship product, DataAlchemy is a user-friendly desktop application that automates the data analytics process by providing a single platform for disparate data sources. Its dynamic PowerPoint and Excel charts make it easy to provide actionable and timely insights that are critical to the business decision process. An ROI calculator can be found at the company’s Web site to determine labor cost and time spent on creating reports. For marketing or media, please contact Lauren Maschio at [email protected] or telephone: (203) 730-8800 Fax: (508) 879-0042.