Helping The Environment And We Didn’t Even Think About It

‘Ways To Go Green You May Not Be Thinking Of’

Article written by Bob Hibbitts

Bear, Delaware – Monday, August 26 , 2009 — Everyone is excited about going Green. It’s on TV, the radio, and in every day conversation. Sometimes I wonder if anyone really knows what it truly means. Ed Vickers of Delaware Lawn & Tree Service Inc. says, I’ve heard many people say it’s too expensive to go green or why bother it won’t make a difference. These people could not be more wrong.

Here’s what has been learned, Going Green is not a trend, it is an investment into our future, an investment into our children’s future and being a good steward of what has been given to us. As with any business, the start up costs of research and development winds up getting passed along to the consumer when the technology is first presented to the market. Remember the first PCs, VCR’s and cell phones? Everyone was willing to pay for them even if they couldn’t afford them. Well, that is what is going on in the so called green movement today. It’s not always going to cost more. However it will be better for our future even if it does.

Obviously all of the talk is about the scrambling to get off of dependency of fossil fuels, but there are other ways of going green that is not so expensive.
Here are some quick tips:

1) Planting trees, shrubs, and flowers helps prevent erosion and provides natural air production
2) Using recycled tree bark, pallets, and other wood products found at your local nurseries are used for mulching and will breakdown into soil
3) Other options for mulching would include recycled rubber tires (more expensive, but you don’t have to re-mulch every year)
4) Using natural earth products like stone to decorate landscaping and / or route water to prevent erosion.
5) Natural water collection from roof tops can be used to water plants and shrubs (instead of using drinking water – a cost cutting and resource saving suggestion)

All of these tips are just scratching the surface to help go Green. All without costing an arm/ leg and can be done to create your personal sanctuary right in your own back yard. We have this one life. Let’s be good stewards of nature and help ourselves provide a wonderful future for generations to come.

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