Leadership Expert, Will Marré, Offers a Sneak Peek of his new book, Save the World and Still Be Home For Dinner

Leadership expert, Will Marré’s new book, Save the World and Still Be Home For Dinner, discusses how high unemployment rates could yield the greatest economic opportunity in history.

San Diego, CA, September 1, 2009 — Leadership expert, Will Marré, announces a special sneak peak of his new book, Save the World and Still Be Home For Dinner (Capital Books) that will be released at the end of September 2009 on his website. In today’s uncertain job market, Save the World offers new advice and insight to career choice. Marré contends that a job loss might be the best thing that happens to a person’s career because it makes them rethink and re-conceive their career in terms of passion and creating a sustainable future.

In a recent Forbes interview, Marré discusses job opportunities that benefit humanity and the environment. Marré told Forbes that the jobs of the future are indeed those that are going to save the world. In fact, according to Fast Company, green jobs are fourth in demand in 2009 and they predict will be the fastest growing jobs before the end of the decade. Furthermore, MSNBC reports that the renewable energy industry alone will employ as many as 37 million people by 2030.

While many believe socially responsible jobs come in the form of volunteerism, according to Marré, in reality the greatest opportunities are those that generate viable income strains such as social entrepreneurship and helping non-profits become economically sustainable. As he calls it in his book, jobs that save the world and allow you to be home for dinner.

In Save the World and Still Be Home For Dinner Marré draws on more than 25 years doing soul-searching career counseling to CEOs and senior leaders and his research with the American Dream Project, interviewing and surveying over 20,000 Americans ages ranging from 8 to 80, to determine that what the majority of us want in our career is to make a lasting impact on the world.

Save the World and Still Be Home For Dinner offers a proven formula that leads to meaningful employment in work that benefits the environment and humanity. Marré uses examples of both colleagues and clients, from CEO to stay-at-home-mom, to show that if we make up our minds to make a difference and just go for it, we will discover a life full of joy and satisfaction that we never thought was possible.

One such example is Mike, a thrill-seeking surfer whom Marré coached. At 30 Mike was living in his mother’s basement, working only to support his adventurous lifestyle, but when he embraced a job at a shoe company and became an expert at eco-friendly manufacturing, Mike discovered his true calling. He became an executive at Reef, an international sandal company, where he developed a new line of products called Redemption. This new line of shoes, sandals, shorts, and shirts are made almost entirely of organic or recycled materials made in humane conditions.

As Marré counseled Mike, “The world has little need of average employees. But the world is desperate for passionate experts who will help us re-invent the future for the environment and humanity.”

To enjoy the sneak peek of Save the World and Still be Home for Dinner go to www.WillMarre.com, or you can preorder the book at Capital Books.

About Will Marré:

Will is an Emmy Award-winning writer, speaker and coach. He is the co-founder and former president of the Covey Leadership Center (The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People) and CEO of the REALeadership Alliance where he helps leaders identify, communicate and implement new socially strategic business models. Will has been a personal leadership coach and advisor to multi-billion dollar global companies such as Disney and Johnson & Johnson. For the past 10 years he has focused on making corporate social responsibility strategic. His book, Save the World and Still Be Home for Dinner is being released September 30, 2009.

For more information on opportunities to have Will speak, please visit WillMarre.com, or for more information on Will’s consulting practice, please visit REALeadership.com. You can also follow Will on Twitter (@WillMarre) and Facebook.


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