/EIN News/ With the severe downturn in the economy and in particular the manufacturing and commercial real estate sectors , Liam McCauley sees a huge opportunity for home based entrepreneurs to take advantage of the huge growth potential of the global internet boom.

Liam McCauley , an Engineering and Real Estate Entrepreneur , has recently launched a new business venture , and has announced his new alliance with Carbon Copy Pro in an astounding move that will enable him to work with some of the world’s leading entrepreneurs.

McCauley has been a successful owner of Engineering and Real Estate businesses in the United Kingdom , the Caribbean as well as the United States , says the reason he chose to partner with Carbon Copy Pro was “Because Carbon Copy PRO offers a complete turnkey marketing system with the support of a professional team of business coaches , a superior back office , but most importantly the product that they market and promote , a range of financial products which show customers the six steps to financial freedom”.

The Carbon Copy PRO marketing system was developed by internet gurus Jay Kubassek , and Aaron Parkinson , and in conjunction with the legendary internet marketing entrepreneur , Mike Dillard. Their mission is to create 100 new internet millionaires by 2012.

The system is basically an automated online marketing system , called ‘Business in a Box’ which comes with a 30 day marketing plan , website , full training and coaching via videos , live and recorded webinars and the company offers probably the best compensation package in the industry. The automated system does all the presenting and the majority of the follow-up which allows you to spend time branding yourself as a leader , and driving traffic rather than being on the phone or in meetings.

“I had researched a number of online business ventures , “ said McCauley “but after a three month search , I found Carbon Copy PRO , and immediately knew I had a found the right business. It is an exciting time in the internet industry , and as the economic gloom continues with unemployment soaring , the timing is perfect to be associated with a great a team of online entrepreneurs”.

Liam McCauley is a business coach , mentoring individuals to their fullest entrepreneurial potential in network marketing , starting a home based business and direct sales.

To learn more please visit http://makemoneywithliam.com or call (803)412-1449.