/EIN News/ Budapest, Hungary – NanGenex Inc. (formerly known as ComErgen), a spin-off company of ThalesNano today announced the global launch of its revolutionary NanoActiveTM continuous flow nanoformulation technology.

“The NanoActiveTM technology provides nanoformulation solutions for original as well as generic applications in a wide variety of industries including pharmaceuticals, agrochemicals, cosmetics, foods, nutraceuticals and home care. Our unique approach encompasses the full R&D and commercialization value chain from upstream research and discovery to full scale product manufacturing and commercialization. As active ingredient developers run out of new chemical entities with high solubility and permeability most compounds that are approved or enter development processes are poorly soluble and/ or have low permeability. We develop these compounds into effective and low toxicity nano-products” – said Dr. Ferenc Darvas, Founder and the President of the Board.

“The proprietary NanoActive™ technology gets over the failures and shortcomings of the commercially available top-down milling and high pressure homogenization based technologies. It is a bottom-up continuous flow nano precipitation method for the synthesis of nanoparticles. The properties of the produced nanoparticles can be modified during the process by the precise control and optimization of various reaction parameters (e.g. pressure, temperature, flow rate, pH and concentration). This can reduce the time it takes to formulate nano-structured active molecules by as much as 90%” – explained Gábor Heltovics, CEO of NanGenex.

The NanGenex partners acquire a license to the proprietary NanoActive™ technology platform to commercialize the NanoActive™ product or product families developed through the collaboration.
In 2009, NanGenex expanded its patented NanoAPI pipeline with nanoformulations of block-buster drugs including antihypertensives, cholesterol reducers, anti-vomiters and chemotherapy agents.
The NanoPharmaActive™ formulations have undergone extensive validation and show significant benefits over the parent active molecules.

NanGenex is in advanced discussions with leading pharmaceutical and agrochemical companies to establish partnerships and strategic alliances for the development of novel nano-products and applications.
The drug nanoformulations can increase drug potency and reduce side effects. This brings clinically meaningful benefits to patients.
The chemical and physical performance of the nanosized active agrochemical ingredients are increased – the products become more potent and get absorbed more rapidly by the target. This provides an opportunity to dramatically reduce application rates of chemical per hectare without jeopardizing pest or disease control.

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