/EIN News/ Key Events at: 16th Africa Oil Week 2009 – Separately Bookable
-16th Africa Upstream
-6th African Independents Forum
-11th Scramble For Africa: Briefing
-27th PetroAfricanus Dinner In Africa

The 16th Annual Africa Oil Week 2009 is the world’s largest and most significant exploration and development event on Africa for the global oil exploration and gas-LNG industry Calendar, with key African Government decision-makers, State and National Oil Company delegations, with senior oil executives drawn from across the African oil and gas value chain.

This is the global event par excellence, consistently acclaimed on the industry’s international calendar. As the premier management event in and for the African Continent, Africa Oil Week stands apart as the foremost deal making environment for the African exploration business.

* Building Africa’s Oil & Gas Future
* Scramble For Africa: Crisis or Continuity
* Super-Majors & Foreign Players
* Large & Small: Producers & Explorers
* New Entries In African Acreage
* Deepwater Independents In Africa
* Giant Opportunities for Players
* Independents “Born In Africa”
* Onshore & Offshore Acreage, Bids & Potential
* Future Strategies & African Interests
* Growth By Acquisition
* New Oil Developments & CBM
* Marginal Field Initiatives In Nigeria
* Private African Oil Equity Funding
* Gas-LNG In Gulf of Guinea
* Africa In An Uncertain World

Book accommodation early, as this is the start of Peak Season in Cape Town
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Global Pacific & Partners is a leading firm inside the world upstream industry, established for over three decades with unique track record.

We operate a global suite of top-quality annual management events on Africa, Asia, Latin America, MidEast, Europe, and National Oil Companies, and provide high-level strategy research with seasoned advisory practice, allied to worldwide in-depth strategy briefings, international executive club networks, with online services, including daily oil and gas news for oil and gas executives on Six Continents.
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Our long-established international portfolio and reputation is built on an unmatched 20-year track record across the world for top quality management events focused on the global upstream industry.

We have hosted over 5,000 leading speakers including 1,500+ from Governments and state oil companies. More than 25,000 delegates have participated in our world-class events, with over 500 entities as exhibitors.

Companies benefit from our e-conference online delivery systems, top-of-range and quality-managed events, and an enlarging blue-chip clientele.

Our relationships are based on close connections built with leading world national oil companies and senior executives from super-majors and worldwide independents in Africa, Asia, Latin America, MidEast, Europe and North America. We have executed Roadshows for Governments and National Oil Companies for over a decade, these conducted in world oil capitals, to market acreage, assets and investment potential.

The Global Pacific & Partners brand is widely-recognised and valued worldwide by corporate sponsors, exhibitors, delegates and institutions for quality and seamless delivery as well as superior networking opportunities, plus social functions. Our Annual Awards Programs at Conferences, recognising over 100 companies and individuals for excellence in the world industry, have functioned for over 10 years.
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Our worldwide annual suite of strategy briefings with a 20-year track record provides global-regional in-depth coverage of six continents, with over 2,500 participants to date in 100+ briefings, while around 300 delegates now attend these events annually.

You may also access online our World Strategy Online internet service. Fundamental research built on a global knowledge-base underpins these Presentations made by Dr Duncan Clarke, an authority on the world upstream industry with 30 years experience inside the oil game.

Numerous companies and state bodies have been clients of our in-house strategy briefings conducted worldwide for two decades.

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