A unique project for a once-in-a-lifetime day

/EIN News/ Is it possible to describe one certain day on Earth in all its diversity? That is precisely what the initiators of ‘A Day On The Planet’ are planning to do.

In a Web 2.0 project they want to collect stories about things that happen on 9 September 2009 all over the world and publish them in eight languages in a book. And everyone is invited to participate.

Berlin. The basic idea is simple. Thousands of people all over the world each write an episode from their lives and send it to
www.adayontheplanet.com in any one of eight languages (German, English, French, Spanish, Chinese, Japanese, Russian or Arabic). The stories can first be evaluated online and then editorial teams will select the best 500 stories to be translated and then published in a book that will be distributed all over the world in all eight project languages.

But that’s not all: The initiators of the Internet book project «A Day On The Planet» led by 25-year-old student Matthias Kluckert want to take things one step further. They would like to restrict the stories in their book to events that happen on 09.09.09.

Why that day?
Because it is a date that is so easy to remember – and because this will allow us to document one entire day on Earth.

There are no set themes for the stories in the book. “Everyone can write about whatever they experience on that day or some thoughts or memories that seem important at the time – it doesn’t have to have a direct connection with the 9th of September”, says Mr Kluckert. “It can be an argument at the supermarket checkout or a happy reunion with an old friend”. The overall picture painted by the stories should give an insight into the experiences of people from a wide variety of cultures all over the planet.

Meanwhile over 30 translators, artists, editors and programmers from nine different countries are involved in the project. Until we have found a sponsor the entire team is working free of charge, and part of the proceeds from the sale of the book will also be donated to charity. “We want to make a statement for better understanding between cultures”, is how Heidelberg student Florian Heine describes his commitment to the project.

More information: www.adayontheplanet.com