The Solution for Driving Under the Influence of Technology

HOUSTON, TX – September 4, 2009 — The year is 2009 and technology is booming. Cell phones have turned into personal hand-held computers that can send and receive emails, pictures, text messages, stock alerts, driving directions and more. Laws are being implemented to help prevent automotive accidents caused by drivers using these devices. Even with new laws and public awareness of the dangers associated with talking and texting while driving, drivers continue to do so. What is the solution for driving under the influence of technology? The solution is has teamed up with and to provide a “HORN” system that wakes these dangerous drivers up and gets them moving out of the way! has several kits available that fit most all trucks and SUV’s on the market. Established in 2007, has quickly become the fastest growing train horn kit supplier in North America.

Are you tired of all of those drivers who pay more attention to their cell phones instead of being a safe driver? Then, it’s time for you to buy a Maximus Train Horn System from With just a toot of your new horn, you will be doing us all a favor by getting their attention! offers several train horn kit solutions and can customize the kit to suit your needs. Give them a call and start blasting your way through traffic!

About offers a remarkable selection of train horns that deliver unparalleled performance. If you are looking for an authentic horn, similar to those found on actual trains, is the right solution. They offer quality products that will help your train horn stand above the rest. They carry horns, compressors, tanks, solenoids and pressure switches. They specialize in Maximus train kits for your car or truck. Maximus kits are made with high quality components and are proven to last! offers Maximus I, II, III and the EXTREME Maximus IV kit.

Why purchase a train horn kit?

The train horn can be heard from a mile away! is dedicated to offering loud train horn kits for your car or truck. The kits are easy to install and are set up to be used on any vehicle or even a boat! Many train horn kit providers offer products that have a strong appearance but a not-so-significant sound. At they offer a quality design along with extremely high level sounds that are just like a genuine train horn.