Green Business League Chapter Coming To San Antonio

San Antonio September 8, 2009: With a national focus on “going green” spurring interest in being green among businesses and households, the Green Business League will add a San Antonio chapter to its national program. The GBL offers Green Business Certifications that are “earned, not bought,” based on an initial 100-point scale that rates a business’ green activities. San Antonio-based Alamo Green Solutions, LLC now provides green consulting services and Green Business Certifications through the guidance of a Certified Green Consultant™.

Because “green” is currently a popular buzzword, there are a host of online certification programs and self-proclaimed green products. There are countless “greenwashed” products that overstate their environmental benefits, recycled content, etc., and often inhibit a business or household’s progress towards being green.

The Green Business League is establishing a national presence as a guide for green business practices. The GBL does not certify products (like Green Seal or Energy Star), nor does it certify buildings (like LEED). Instead, the GBL certifies any business that commits to green practices as a means of operating more efficiently and being more environmentally responsible. Businesses that do not sell a green product or office in a green building can still earn a Green Business Certification. A Certified Green Business incorporates energy and water efficiency with indoor air quality monitoring, paperless systems, efficient transportation, recycling projects, supply chains, and several other considerations.

Before founding Alamo Green Solutions, LLC, Quincy Seale completed training to earn his Green Consultant Certification from the GBL in June. A San Antonio native, Seale is eager to have a local GBL chapter up and running. “There is an incredible interest in green right now,” says Seale. “Many businesses have green practices in place, and we are confident that firms who want to been seen as leaders in the green movement will join our chapter of the GBL.”

Alamo Green Solutions, LLC is dedicated to providing clients with cost-effective green solutions that reduce long-term operating costs. Their “zero-cost consulting” focuses on outweighing implementation costs with long-term savings. Seale adds: “Rather than wait for regulation, we encourage businesses and households to use green practices for their own benefit in addition to that of the environment. There doesn’t have to be a tradeoff.”

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