/EIN News/ Laptop Burka Stops those pesky peekers and gives you your freedom back to use your laptop computer outdoors.

You and I both know those anti glare filters dont work. We can stop using those clumsy computer shades. Forget about those battery sucking anti glare filters “Laptop Burka” is breathable , light weight and easy to travel with.

“Laptop Burka” fits with any computer any size.

“Laptop Burka” is perfect for the beach ,poolside , patio ,deck ,park ,movies for the kids in the car , coffee shops in North America love the “Laptop Burka”.

Use your “Laptop Burka” in the airport , airplane . Watch movies without the pesky peekers or the glare from outside sources.

Advertise your logo on “Laptop Burka” Football , Soccer , Baseball , Cricket , College ,High School , Basket Ball. Corporations can now advertise their products on cruise ships , the beaches world wide ! “Laptop Burka” will surely change the way people use their laptop computers.


We have a creative team excited and ready to take on your needs! Laptop Burka was designed ,invented by Camano Island electrician Marc Johnson who was fed up with those anti glare filters and computer shades that you and I both know don’t work outside.

Our motto at Laptop Burka “Be a Leader not a
follower” http:// www.laptopburka.com