announces the publication of the book, “Driverthink”, now available from booksellers internationally.

Port Jefferson Station, New York – September 15, 2009 — “Driverthink” offers unique driving tips, ideas and suggestions for the everyday driver.

”Driverthink” is the newly published book authored by Frank Miller, the creator of the popular blog “Driverthink” provides a critical review for the seasoned driver and is an absolute must read for newer or younger drivers with lesser driving experience.

Driverthink would suggest that ordinarily responsible people do not suddenly become irresponsible when they slip behind the steering wheel. To be safe, responsible drivers we simply need to think more about our driving – thus the title, “Driverthink”.

Road Rage. Road Hazards. Merging. How to handle curves with confidence. How to deal with Tailgaters. How to drive slow. How to drive fast. How fast is too fast? How to approach an intersection. Driving Skill. These are just a few of the many driving topics discussed in this exciting new book.

Each Driverthink article is designed to explore specific safe driving issues in comprehensive detail. “Driverthink” delves into many issues pertaining to responsible, safe driving and offers reality based suggestions not found in some of the more “politically correct” safe driving venues.

The Driverthink blog has been linked to by a number of driving and automotive websites. Many have chosen to publish Driverthink articles on their sites as well. Now, a collection of these articles are available in this new paperback book.

About the Author:

Frank Miller is the author of the popular blog, “Safe driving with Driverthink”. During over forty years of driving, he has driven on road, off road, occasionally on race tracks and in combat. Although a financial professional by trade, Frank has, through his blog, become something of an internationally respected safe driving advocate. His often provocative articles occasionally toss away traditional safe driving concepts. Instead, he prefers to focus on the Reality of Safe Driving, exploring and analyzing the many ideas and driving skills that have kept him safe during his long driving career. In this book, Frank shares driving concepts that can literally save lives.

“Driverthink” is available at: Dog Ear Publishing,, Barnes and Noble, and internet booksellers internationally. Simply search “Driverthink”.

Media Samples:
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Author: Frank Miller

ISBN: 978-159858-984-9

Publication Date: June 1, 2009

Pages: 184

Price: $14.95

Publisher: Dog Ear Publishing

Contact: Frank Miller


5 Rush Street

Port Jefferson Station, N.Y. 11776


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