Fashion Industry Players Jockeying for Trademark

Long Island, NY – September 14, 2009 — A Long Island company, operating MISMATCHSTORE.US, has correspondence with four corporations in the fashion industry about buying their trademark Mismatch(R).

After nourishing and creating products under their MisMatch(R) trademark since 1984, the excitement of showing how to be creative with “fashionably” MisMatch(R) accessories, clothing and apparel has become popular around the world. In the fashion world where jockeying takes place every season for that special “look” the creators of MisMatch(R) have changed, added and spiced up their MisMatch(R) line to keep interest growing year after year. Even in today’s economic recession and slump in fall fashion ads, girls and young women have been delighted with the MisMatch(R) line. Meanwhile boys and young men have been captured with items such as camouflage MisMatch(R) mittens and bandanas.

Bel Mesa who is the company’s first designer, hopes that web sales for their MisMatch(R) Kids line at MISMATCHSTORE.US will jump several million by the end of next year.

“From the beginning we didn’t design just for girls or a “Fad” look. By being in-tune with the industry year after year we delivered a highly creative and fashionably mismatched product line with exceptional quality that also pleased young women while attracting boys and young men,” said Mesa.

MisMatch(R) accessories range from art aprons to batch bags, jewelry to socks, stockings to shoelaces, and of course new designs for mittens, hats, and scarves.

Today, being accepted is no longer an issue and while the creators of MisMatch(R) are willing to listen to buy-out offers, that is all they are doing at this time. Much of their time has been developing an Educational Facet to being mismatched. Since 2001 lessons have been learned from teachers who specialize in helping children with special needs. New educational fashions have been derived from years of listening to experts, such as those in Special Ed programs.

“This part of our work is very rewarding. To be able to make a connection between fashion and education is simply joyful,” said Mesa. will soon incorporate creative learning with creative MisMatch(R) products for all kids. This will prove to be truly unique and exciting.

The commitment level among everyone involved with MisMatch(R) goes above and beyond. By the end of this year all MisMatch(R) products on their web site will be made here in the United States, something rarely seen in the industry.

A “mismatched” link between fashion and creative education, all products made in the United States and some using 100% organic cotton grown here for sustainability, certainly establishes no need for MisMatch(R) to jockey for position. MisMatch(R) is simply in the lead.

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