/EIN News/ The multi-million dollar deal is proof that Australian know-how is succeeding, even in these tough times.

Synengco, an Australian software company, is proud to announce the signing of a worldwide software licensing agreement with Honeywell for Synengco’s intelligent SentientSystem(R) software.

SentientSystem(R) is the world’s most advanced software for managing and supporting power stations.

In these tough economic and environmental times, SentientSystem(R) provides power stations with the ability to significantly reduce fuel costs, greenhouse gas emissions and maintenance costs. It also increases the availability and capability of the power station.

SentientSystem(R), an Australian home-grown software product, was one of the first in the world to have the ability to alert power station operators to potential problems and to help their operators to make better decisions. This software is intelligent in the true sense of the word and grew from the Australian ability to think outside the box and combine tried and true principles in an innovative way.

Paul King, leader, Asia-Pacific power business for Honeywell Process Solutions said that this will extend Honeywell’s association with Synengco.

“We have already won key projects collaborating with Synengco in India and China which has provided us with the confidence to extend our relationship. The SentientTM suite completes our capability to provide a proven suite of solutions to our utility customers and gives us market access to this rapidly growing segment,” said Mr King.

Don Sands, Synengco’s Chief Executive Officer said “the deal with Honeywell is very important to us because it provides us with broad-based market access, now we can focus on improving and developing the SentientSystem(R) Technology further.”


About Synengco:
Synengco is specialist engineering consultancy and software developer. The company has been servicing industry since 1996 and operates in Australia, India, China and the United States. As a recognised leader of real time operations analysis and optimisation, Synengco is continually providing leading technology to the power industry to improve their performance and profitability. For more information about Synengco’s SentientSystem(R) go to: http://www.synengco.com SentientSystem(R) is a registered trademark of Synengco Pty Ltd.