My latest book, “Call to Arms” has been released 9/2/09.

/EIN Presswire/ My hope is that my “Prayer for America” will be read from my book throughout this great nation.

Thank you for being the true Americans that you are.

God’s best only to you.

Faith Powers

Learn to fight to win!

If you are looking to have your hope, faith, and self confidence restored, if you are depressed and downhearted, there is hope, if you need reassurance that you will reach your goals, if you need financial insight, if you need a daily pick me up this book is for you.

In this current age we are living in, there is so much concern about tomorrow. The topics are many: will you have a job tomorrow, will you be able to make your next mortgage payment, will you be able to pay your utilities, will you be able to make your next car payment, will you be able to care for your family – financially and emotionally – will you be able to keep your business going and so on.

365 Days of Inspirational notes.

Also includes: Prayer for America, The Constitution of the United States, The Bill of Rights, and The Declaration of Independence.

Faith Powers is an Author and Motivational Speaker. This media veteran has been featured on national FOX News Radio, CBS Radio, NBC News television in San Diego and radio and television stations across the nation and Canada.