/EIN Presswire/ September 17th, 2009, Indianapolis Publisher/CEO Jameelah Wilkerson of The H.Y.P.E Magazine & founder of H.Y.P.E. Talk Radio rises to the cause in joining hundreds of other publishers by going “Green” with her magazine. The H.Y.P.E. Magazine celebrated its’ sixth year in June 2009 and since environmental trends are taking leaps and bounds in the print industry, her mission is to embrace the eco-friendly environment by using a method she created called “Digeprint.”

The Digeprint method is simply innovative, being an enhanced table of contents, placed throughout the publication to still have the majority of the magazine in print, and yet integrate the overflow on the enhanced table of contents as thumbnails, that can be viewed online entirely. This format allows publishers to extend the value of their print publications online.

The Digeprint method will not only save thousands of trees per year, but advertisers will benefit from the best of both worlds, to increase visibility for their message and to be a global part of the eco-friendly mission. This innovative publishing solution minimizes your printing and still offers a high resolution digital version online.

The H.Y.P.E. Magazine will provide a three way advantage for advertisers, who will now receive more value for their money. Advertisements will appear in the online edition, the print edition and on the newly introduced H.Y.P.E. Talk Radio. The three way approach provides more extensive and visual impact to readers and because the online version is expanding its distribution and circulation, more readers will see the advertisements.” I believe the online version represents the future of magazines and will become the more popular choice of readers,” says Ms. Wilkerson.

The H.Y.P.E. Magazine will be on the list of trend setters by increasing technology skills within our company. Ms. Wilkerson is on the same platform regarding President Obama’s catalyst for change-for developing more walkable, environmentally friendly and energy efficient communities. Her vision for the Digeprint model will eventually increase job stability for the technically advantaged citizens evolving from other industries.

About The H.Y.P.E Magazine:

The H.Y.P.E. Magazine covers entertainment, fashion, new trends and music’s influence on our world. We reach individuals that are influenced by music. They are the people that do not think outside the box, but forget the box all together.


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