Award-winning Writer Will Marre Is On a Mission to Save the World

Will Marre’s new book, Save the World and Still Be Home For Dinner, is an inspiring call to live your best life while contributing to a brighter future for all.

San Diego, CA – September 18, 2009 — What if we could live a pace and enjoy a quality of life that constantly renewed our energy? What if we understood our own gifts and developed them so we actually made a unique difference? What if we could do this no matter what our life circumstances in virtually any job, any time, anywhere? What if we didn’t need permission, power or position to do the best thing we can imagine? What if we could just start…now?

These are the questions award-winning writer Will Marre has been asking thousands of people ranging from students to laborers to scientists and CEOs for over the past five years. Whether the economy was booming or busting, he has found that the answers to these questions are universal. We all want to make our best impact. We want our life to count for something, not just for ourselves, but also for the whole world. In fact, we want to pursue unlimited opportunities in ways that make the world better. We also want personal happiness, contentment, and enjoyment. Drawn to our sense of mission but worn-out by the everyday stresses of life, we often feel torn. Most of us don’t have the energy to be a hero. It seems overwhelming. But it doesn’t have to be.

The answer found in Save the World and Still be Home for Dinner (256 pp., $16.46) is that we don’t have to take a vow of poverty but only a vow of purpose. We make our impact right where we live. Right where we work. When we change our world, the world changes. Our most noble longings, unique gifts and personality actually point us toward our life of greatest good with least wasted effort. The author’s stories of people he has unshackled and the process he’s developed enables us to see clearly how we can get off the train of life-as-usual onto the path to our own sustainable abundance. As he points out, what kind of a world would we have if all of us were making our biggest, best impact while living in our own rhythm of personal contentment? Isn’t that the world we want? Together we can save the world and we are designed perfectly to do our part. We just need to get started.

Greg Voisen, founder of Inside Personal Growth, said, “Will Marre’s new book Save the World and Still Be Home In Time for Dinner is a must read for anyone who wants to ignite their personal passion to not only transform themselves but the world in which they live. The book is a roadmap for individuals inspired to make a difference in the world and are ready to step beyond their personal fears to explore a universe offering exciting possibilities.”

Will Marre is the cofounder and former president of Covey Leadership Center (The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People) and CEO of the REALeadership Alliance. In his professional work, Will is dedicated to helping employees create their own “great” workplaces no matter where they work by showing them how they can focus their talent and their job on what matters most to them and contributes to a sustainable world. His work is really catching on. Clients include Disney, Johnson & Johnson, and Sea World. Marre’s weekly blog, “The Greatest Thing,” can be found at

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