TAMPA, Fla. (Sept. 18, 2009) – Tribridge (www.tribridge.com), a leading U.S.-based IT services and business consulting firm, recently deployed a Customer Relationship Management (CRM) project with the Department of North Carolina Crime Control & Public Safety (North Carolina CCPS), demonstrating how public sector entities can utilize CRM tools traditionally used by commercial interests.

North Carolina CCPS is comprised of 10 divisions including the Division of Alcohol Law Enforcement (ALE). ALE has nearly 120 agents who enforce underage drinking and other laws associated with the sale, purchase and possession of alcoholic beverages. The division is also responsible for enforcing the tobacco controlled substance and gambling laws and housing the Center of Missing Persons.

With no central database or offline facility to share and track data, inefficiencies and bottle necks were becoming unavoidable. Tribridge’s CRM project goals were to digitize, streamline and link all Department databases that used manual forms to track incidents, witness information, licensing applications, cases and investigation documents.

As a result of the new software implementation, completed using Microsoft Dynamics CRM, ALE agents can now remotely manage cases, process permits, undergo inspections, and lead investigations. The software provides easy access to case photos, audio files and document and automation of incident reports and investigation forms. Most significantly, the program allows for the integration with a central database. So far in 2009, ALE has resolved 10,000 CRM cases for the 208,000 alcohol permit records and 90,000 subjects contained in their CRM solution. Most importantly, since the CRM deployment, ALE agents are now closing cases in a single day versus a week, saving time, resources and money for the Department, increasing productivity by 80% as noted in a Microsoft case study.

“Our experience with North Carolina CCPS has shown that CRM solutions can provide tremendous value for any organization – public or private,” says Tony DiBenedetto, Tribridge Chairman and CEO. “This successful model opens up many more opportunities for us to help other public sector agencies better serve their citizens.”

Greg Jones, Chief Technology Officer of North Carolina CCPS said the results of the CRM deployment have been so successful that the department is now pursuing a CRM project for Grants Management. Additionally, ALE is looking to tie-in Mixed Martial Arts and Boxing Regulations into its existing CRM program.