/EIN Presswire/ Sandra has been a member of Planet23 Online Casino (http://www.planet23.com)for about 3 months and had been playing for 12 minutes on September 19th night, when on just one spin of the legendary slot machine, she scooped a whopping $93,000. Sandra is a huge fan of slot machines, playing often in casinos across Italy. During the interview which was held yesterday, Sandra said: “I was shocked when I saw the machine hitting the jackpot. Looking at your account and see $93,000 added at once is an amazing feeling. I couldn’t sleep all night from all the excitement”. “In less than a minute support called me and congratulate me. The following day, Danny called me personally and was very happy for me. I also got a nice present to my house the day after”. “I was sure that withdrawing my money will take a long time, but got my first payment 2 days after!”

Danny Lerner, CEO of Planet23 casino (http://www.planet23.com) says “Nothing makes us happier than when our players win big. They see that everyone can win real money and that they get paid fast with no delays. We also make sure our players have a direct contact in the company, with real people who speak with them over the phone. We want our players to know we are a real company with real people and that their money is safe with us.”

Planet23 Online Casino still has plenty of opportunities for players to win a massive jackpot, with a huge jackpot standing at $4,450,000 and growing daily, as well as weekly promotions offering iPhone/Wii/PS3, Weekend in Vegas with all expenses paid, Slots tournaments and much more.

Reel Gangster transports you to a world of Mafia Dons and hard men, where crime pays and the laws were made to be broken. You’ll need to make choices in the bonus rounds: which weapon to carry, which safe to break, which getaway car to have waiting, which door to open… the loot’s all there, waiting for you, after the right choices. Lost games and hard time reward the wrong choices. Reel Gangsters is a 20 payline, 5 reel video slot game, with a scatter symbol and a bonus feature to add to the excitement. Reel Gangster is a brand new game at Planet23 Online Casino, which was launched at the beginning of September 2009.

About Planet23:

Planet23 Online Casino offers superior online gaming excitement from the comfort of your home, with a verity if casino games and a strong and trusted name in the casino world. Planet23 is a safe, secure and regulated casino, offering more than 60 casino games and 24/7 live support.

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