Celebrates Two Years

Houston, TX – September 22, 2009 — is celebrating its two years in business. provides train air horn kits and accessories for cars, trucks and SUV’s. Established in 2007, has quickly become the fastest growing train horn kits supplier in North America. It has teamed up with and to provide quality horn systems.

Why a train horn, you ask? Primarily, a train horn signaling system will increase your chance of being heard in an emergency situation. In the roar of high speed big rigs on the interstate, a stock horn may not be heard. Your new air horn system will be heeded in all situations, from a child about to run in the street to retrieve a ball to an approaching car about to drift into your lane. The kits are easy to install and are set up to be used on any vehicle or even a boat. Oh yeah, and did we mention that they are a lot of fun? The train horn can be heard from a mile away!

Air horns are not all the same. There are excellent quality air horns made of chrome plated brass, chromed metal air horns, and then there are the plastic air horns, most of which are low cost imports. The sound quality is dramatically different between the various qualities of air horns. offers train horns that are chrome plated or painted brass. At they offer a quality design along with extremely high level sounds that are just like a genuine train horn. air horns have been the choice of most heavy-duty truck, fire truck manufacturers and yacht and boat builders. carries horns, compressors, tanks, solenoids and pressure switches. They specialize in Maximus train kits for your car or truck. Maximus kits are made with high quality components and are proven to last. offers Maximus I, II, III and the EXTREME Maximus IV kit. offers a remarkable selection of train horns that deliver unparalleled performance. If you are looking for an authentic horn, similar to those found on actual trains, is the right solution. They offer quality products that will help your train horn stand above the rest!