Response to Better Business claims against Elan Furniture

Omaha, Nebraska – September 23, 2009 — For over thirty seven years Elan Furniture has provided quality home furnishings to the most discriminating Nebraska customers. Thousands of satisfied customers over generations have been most satisfied with the quality, selection, and service of Elan Furniture. Now that Elan Furniture is being forced to close, there is no reason to believe that the family ownership of Elan would change their established reputation.

The Stevenson family has owned and operated Elan Furniture through its entire existence. These Omaha based family operators continue to be at the store each day, managing daily activities, supervising all aspects of the final days of sales, and insuring all customers are treated with respect and provided with outstanding service and values.

The Stevenson family objects most strongly to any claims of improper actions or public deception as offered by Better Business Bureau. The Stevensons believe such improper claims are motivated by “pressure from the big store in town” that is unable to match “Going Out of Business Prices” and the values offered by Elan Furniture. Facing aggressive advertising and lost market share, it appears that the Better Business Bureau has caved into the demands of the “big store in town” to scare customers away from the Elan Sale, especially in the final days, when prices are being reduced greater than ever.

The Stevenson Family further commented on the matter by saying: “The Better Business Bureau has grossly misquoted the owners and sales personnel extensively and we categorically deny the disrespectful and improper claims made by this “privately funded business”. Connie Stevenson commented further on this matter saying:

“Consumers should remember that the Better Business Bureau is not a government agency and they depend upon membership fees to pay their employees. The “big store in town” has a very strong influence on what they do. Customers who are flocking to the final days of our sale are using their own judgment to obtain home furnishing values that are not available at any other store in the Omaha market. Our intention is to sell all of our on hand furniture, without bringing in any new furniture and continue to live with our friends and neighbors in Omaha. We invite the community to judge for themselves by visiting our store, comparing our products and prices and see for themselves the extent of the false and improper claims made against us. Our final days of our Going Out of Business Sale will last only while inventory remains”.

When asked if the Stevenson’s will be taking legal action against the Better Business Bureau for false and damaging inaccurate statements, Connie Stevenson said they were reviewing their options with their legal advisors but at this time had no further comment.

For more information contact: Connie Stevenson, phone: 402-330-3336, email: [email protected], website: