A few years ago, Podalenios found himself staring at the ceiling of the intensive care ward in a hospital cardiac unit, with a nurse asking him for contact details of his nearest relative.

“It was then that I decided to alter my way of life” he said. Previously an international businessman (US, Australia & New Zealand) with a stressful lifestyle, doctors now advised against returning to his former work, so a new life pathway was required.

“I’d given up my dreams of an art career at an early age due to family responsibilities”, he explains. Then 59, he went back to university for a Fine Arts Master’s Degree, and took up his art career where he’d left off 40 years before – this time, on an island in the Greek Aegean.

“I’ve become known here as Podalenios (aka Harry Allen), supplementing my pension by selling my artwork on the islands of Mykonos, Santorini and others,” he says.

When the global economic downturn began to curtail artwork sales, he looked for an alternative income. An old friend and former New York business associate directed him to a commodities trader domiciled on the Mediterranean isle of Malta.

“He told me I could make money trading oil futures and spot gold. Of course, I was dubious”, Podalenios says. “I had no experience to guide me.”

“I started analyzing the performance pattern of his trading system on the official NYMEX (New York Mercantile Exchange) and London Bullion (gold) Market daily trading charts. Following a period of observation, it became quite apparent that this fellow had a very effective system for making money in the oil and gold markets!”

Shortly afterwards, Podalenios opened an account on the internet to trade oil futures and spot gold, using ‘the system’. “I’ve been delighted with the results over the past 6 months. Word’s gotten around – friends and others have been curious and wanted to know all about it.”

“I’ve responded to their queries by setting up a website at http://www.RealMoneyBiz.com, to explain how it works and help others get started.”

“It’s good fun, a mind-stimulating challenge, a welcome break from day-to-day hassles and potentially very profitable”, he says. “If you follow the instructions, stick to the system rules and observe the expert advice posted on the ‘members site’, it’s fairly simple to be able to make profitable trades, consistently.”

“I’ve nothing to sell on my website. I simply want to share with others the rewarding opportunity that came my way when I became involved in oil and gold trading”, Podalenios told EIN.

He added, “One feature that attracted me is that the potential profitability of oil and gold trading is virtually unaffected by local, regional or global economic conditions.”

Podalenios can be reached by email from his website at http://www.RealMoneyBiz.com.