/EIN Presswire/ CHARLESTON, South Carolina, October 2,2009

Storecasting(sm), an in-store music and messaging service, today announced the addition of top caliber messaging services for its clients via a strategic partnership with multiple award winning Audio Production Experts (APE). Both firms are located in Charleston.

“This is a big development for our company and especially our clients,” said Storecasting CEO Ed Seeger. “John Peace and APE have built up a terrific array of over 200 voice and production professionals that will make our clients’ virtual in-store radio stations sound terrific. APE talent is heard in all 50 states on campaigns for the likes of Hardees, Diet Coke, McDonalds, and Anheuser-Busch, so we know that they work at the highest level.”

Peace, Founder and President of APE, said of the partnership: “We are excited to be associating with a company like Storecasting because it’s such a cost-efficient way for retailers to promote their goods and services. We look forward to being a part of their explosive growth and to rolling out the commercials that will truly brand Storecasting as the premier service for point of purchase in-store advertising.”

Jim Richard, Director of Sales at Storecasting, added: “Having this affiliation just makes my job easier, as John and his team will streamline all creative services, from script-writing through recording. Our fast growth has stretched our resources, and this is the perfect solution.”

The Storecasting music service enables retailers to intersperse brief messages to their customers while they are at the point of purchase. It is delivered to clients via the internet, avoiding the use of satellite dishes or compact disks.

About AMSi:
Storecasting (www.storecasting.net), which specializes in providing music to retail and corporate environments via internet, is a division of American Media Services Interactive, Charleston, SC, a digital media firm founded in 2006. AMSi also operates popular webcasting site TheRadio.Com? (www.theradio.com), with 220 channels of superb-quality music in a vast variety of genres. For more information, visit www.amsinteractive.com.

About Audio Production Experts:
Founded in 1995, APE provides clients with a wide range of voice talent for commercials, radiio stations, and other audio needs. The company draws on a pool of some 236 men, women and children internationally to serve any conceivable need. APE is located in Charleston, SC. More details and production talent demos are available at www.aperadiotv.com.

Storecasting/AMSi: Ed Seeger, [email protected](843)972-2200; Audio Production Experts: John Peace, [email protected](843)881-3619

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