Stephens Dentistry Celebrates 50 Years of Dental Excellence

Evanston, IL – October 8, 2009 — The team at Stephens Dentistry will host an open house for clients, referral partners, and staff to celebrate 50 years of dental service with those who helped make the practice a success.

Dr. James Bruce Stephens founded Stephens Dentistry in September, 1959. “I had a mere $10,000 and a young family to support,” the senior Stephens shared. The office has grown in location, size and technology over the years. As a completely digital, paperless office, it is forward thinking that allows the Stephens’ team to continually change with the times.

“We thought 5 decades of service excellence deserved a party for both clientele and our amazing team,” stated Coleen-Shannon Licar, Practice Manager. “We have a remarkable, talented and dedicated group. We all enjoy what we do, each other and our clients.”

“To be in a family business that has been successful for 50 years, really says something about your family, your ethics and your work,” James Brian Stephens added.

It has been a fabulous 50 years for this office in Evanston. We currently see 3rd generation patients and we look forward to many generations to come.

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