SunPods rolls out new transportable, modular Solar Power platform for Agricultural use, water distribution, irrigation, wells and remote sites

San Jose, CA – October 8, 2009 — SunPods, creator of SunPods Solar Smart Technology Systems™ unveiled their SP-500 SunPods Solar Agriculture & Remote Site Power Systems™ today. Designed to provide solar power for on-grid and off-grid agricultural processing, wells, irrigation and water distribution systems. The SunPod SP-500 meets the remote site power needs for navigation systems, telecommunications, oil and gas, and security applications for Homeland Security and the Military.

Built with SunPods’ advanced Solar Smart Technologies and designed as a solar appliance, the SunPods SP-500 is pre-engineered, pre-manufactured, and pre-tested in a rigorous factory setting to ensure optimal performance and delivered from our factory to your project, on your schedule, requiring minimal site preparation and no onsite assembly. SunPods are ready to interconnect and power up on delivery, requiring only an electrician to make the connections.

The transportable SunPods SP-500 Solar Agriculture & Remote Site Power Systems are engineered for fast and simple installations over most land and concrete surfaces, eliminating much of the cost, scheduling and performance uncertainties associated with current traditional on-site built solar installation systems.

The SunPods SP-500 power platform is specifically engineered for grid connected or off-grid agriculture power on demand solutions for farms, ranches and wineries needed for product processing, center-pivot irrigation systems, water irrigation, water distribution, water processing and well water pumping. At off-the-grid remote locations, the SunPods SP-500 power system is a simple, cost effective solar power solution to replace fuel powered Genset power sources and weekly fuel costs.

Municipal water agencies can utilize the SunPods SP-500 for pumping water at water towers, wastewater and water purification plants, which will reduce electrical cost and provide an emergency power back-up system. Other SunPods SP-500 applications include remote site installations for farm and ranch water supplies, oil, gas, telecommunications, satellite, micro-wave towers and commercial and residential buildings affected by unreliable grid power or remotely located from grid connected electrical power.

The SunPods SP-500 Solar Agriculture & Remote Site Power Systems are rapid deployment, integrated solar power solutions, engineered for both grid-tied and off-grid project installations requiring 110V-480V, 50Hz/60Hz AC or 12/24/48VDC, scalable from 2.4-kw units to mega-watt size.

About SunPods, Inc

SunPods is the innovator and manufacturer of SunPods Solar Smart Technology Systems. The world’s first solar appliance, SunPods are transportable, the first factory to project, fully operational, modular solar power platforms. SunPods power up on delivery, no assembly is required. Once placed on-site, SunPods require only an electrical hookup from the inverter to the power panel to power up. (Available online at

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