Dallas railroad accident attorneys – Eberstein Witherite, LLP explain catastrophic injuries from train accidents

Dallas railroad accident attorneys – Eberstein & Witherite, LLP

Dallas, Texas — Want to hear a staggering statistic about railroad accidents? Every 120 minutes, a vehicle or a person in American is hit and killed by a train accident, as per the Texas Department of Transportation.

Larger than any semi-truck, 18-wheeler or big rig, a train is the ultimate giant to go up against, weighing an average of 4,000 times more than a standard automobile. Trains require at least one full mile to come to a complete stop, while cars only need 200 feet.

With those incredible numbers and sheer weight, size and power of a train, it is no surprise that catastrophic injuries and death nearly always result from railroad accidents.

Railroad/train accidents can be caused by the following factors:

-Negligent operation of a train
-Unsafe railroad equipment
-Dangerous railroad crossings
-Defective lights, guards
-Excessive speed
-Failure to sound horn
-Drugs, alcohol, drunk driver
-Driver fatigue, error,
-Improper track-crossing design and maintenance
-Inadequate signage

The Texas railroad accident lawyers at the firm of Eberstein & Witherite, LLP have a combined 50 years experience helping Texas injury victims pursue their catastrophic injury and wrongful death lawsuits, and seek compensation for the injuries as a result of a train accident.

The Firm’s senior partner, Amy Witherite, also has extensive experience helping injured Texas railroad employees and their families collect rightful compensation under the Federal Employee Relief Act (FELA).

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