Message IV: President Obama and the Nobel Peace Prize

The Jewish Auschwitz Resistance has sent a statement to President Obama, which included Message III: -until today without answer – titled: „Jewish Auschwitz Resistance should not be abandoned in USA today„:

I. American Recovery and Reinvestment are demanding for Leadership with national and global Responsibility based on Authentic Identity also,
-to prevent an Aggressive Nuclear Strikes and Holocaust II,
-to avert an international Financial Wars of Conquest, where Trillions disappear in private accumulation and concentration and a revival as State Funds or Sovereign Funds and State Financers appears.
-to realize real middle East Peace.

II. After Years of Profound Irresponsibility US Constitution, Law and Justice must be restored and built up.
Holocaust Justice must be included. In the Auschwitz Lawsuit in Washington DC President Bush has subjected – by an unconstitutional Act of Usurpation – the Holocaust of WW II, the greatest Crime in Jewish History, as well as Holocaust II, under his “Imperial Presidency”.
He has obstructed the Principles of “Fair Trial”.

III. Following Jewish Law, Judao-Christian Principles and Tradition, The American Intervention Rule in the League of Nations Act of 1919, ratified by European States, Common Law (Statute cases), the “Report to Morgenthau Jr.”, January 13,1944 and Roosevelt’s basic Principle of Executive Order 9417,January 26,1944 the, the failure to rescue Hungarian Holocaust victims-gassed since May 1944 in Auschwitz-has been a Crime against Humanity.

Therefore the Jewish Auschwitz victims have filed the class action for Atonement. The Lawsuit is still pending or may be renewed at once.

IV. After receiving Federal Judge’s Summons Bush confirmed in his reply to complaint: “The US accepts the well-pled allegations in the complaint as true”.
The President has repeated this confession in Yad Vashem on January 11,2008, with the taboo-breaking words: “We should have bombed Auschwitz”.
But Atonement is a combination of Confession, Repentance and Compensation.

I. Bush denied Atonement in Washington DC. In the Lawsuit he has declared: “President’s Sovereign Immunity applies even in Holocaust cases. Federal court do not have jurisdiction”.
With this Declaration the President has broken Common Law, US Martial Law and Nuremberg Principles: “Commander’s Responsibility for Crimes against Humanity on innocent civilians”.

II. In the lawsuit based on Auschwitz slavery work in NY, the Chief Judge made a summary for the President before the first election, but not before the reelection, then he put the lawsuit against the Bush Clan on ice.

VI. By subjecting the Holocaust Law, main conclusion from WW II, President Bush has injured the “Jewish Soul”.

Since 1995 we have demanded for “Holocaust Impeachment President Scrutiny”.
The “War on Terror” does not need “Holocaust II”,but he cannot be won without Authentic Identity.
For protection the “Preventive Defensive Strike against Enemy Attacks “is available, but not only on basis of ideological reasons.

VII. Bush & Advisors have misused the Auschwitz Lawsuit to justify the well-prepared “Preemptive Nuclear Strike against Evil” including Holocaust II. The have broken the ban on Aggressive War by WW II.

I. In the letter to the Nobel Peace Prize we said further to the President:

– It will take a lot of your courage to realize the prize.

– The Last Day of Judgement will be a day of Atonement.

– The President himself acknowledged, he has not done anything yet on the scale that would normally merit such an award.

– President’s Sovereignty must come through the global competition of High Finance.

– Obama has not yet given an answer to our Message III.

– White House: Obama to push peace process. But he has to protect the Holocaust Standards of WW II, especially the ban on Holocaust II.

– Regarding this theme we wrote a letter to the Faith Foundations of Tony Blair and Rick Warren. Perhaps Obama’s Director Dubois could could produce a Statement.

II. It is not the time for stocktaking. But Obama has to suit some actions to the words.

III. Truth and Justice for the Auschwitz Resistance will be the Litmus Test for President Obama.