/EIN Presswire/ Faulkner Opportunity, LLC has begun a pilot installation of efficient pressure-compensating showerheads and faucet aerators in the Federal District of Mexico City (DF). The full project is to supply, install, and monitor fittings in 1 million households. The company is gearing up for a 325,000 home deployment next year. Faulkner is pursuing carbon credits for greenhouse gas emission reductions from reduced fuel use in water heaters.

Households will save on water and fuel costs, and benefit from generally better water pressure and fewer curtailments. The water system will see less demand across the its system, providing the region direct cost savings, reduced infrastructure requirements, fewer greenhouse gas emissions, and cleaner air. George Maher, Faulkner Managing Director, said,

“This project provides significant long-term social and household benefits for the Mexico City region. In fact, due to the ongoing drought and water curtailments, it’s critical. Studies indicate our project could save 20% of household water consumption and 6% of municipal demand, and impact 5 million people.

Supplying potable water is energy intensive. Every liter of water that passes through the system results in large energy use that generates greenhouse gas and air pollution emissions. Just in terms of water and water heater fuel cost savings, full deployment regional benefits of our project could equate to US$390 million annually. That includes annually US$307 direct cost savings per household, which is about 44 days of household revenue in the low-income areas we’re targeting.

The emissions reductions look to be comparably compelling to the water and energy benefits.”

In September Faulkner agreed to a unique private-public collaboration with the DF’s Water Systems Department, Secretariat of the Environment, and Social Affairs Ministry. The agencies undertook the collaboration as part of the DF’s Climate Action Program. They are promoting the project, identifying households and data, and facilitating installation. Faulkner is developing and implementing the project at no cost to the agencies or households.

“Our collaboration is a central component of the project. For example, with the help of the agencies, in our pilot we are using ‘las mujeres plomeras’ – neighborhood women plumbers – and will use over 500 of them during later stages,” said Maher.

Faulkner will employ a patented showerhead invented in Mexico that provides enhanced performance across a range of water pressures and quality.

Faulkner affiliate Investment Technology Resources is pursuing the program elsewhere.

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