/EIN Presswire/ DreamHealer Inc. is pleased to announce the launch of the Global Intention Heals Project, set for November 8th, 2009. The objective of the Global Intention Heals Project is to scientifically determine whether intentions can influence the brainwaves of others. If this initial research is positive, then further research will be conducted to determine whether intentions can influence one’s health. The research is totally funded by DreamHealer Inc. A DreamHealer representative says, “We are thrilled to announce that commitments have already been received from thousands of people worldwide who will be participating in this project.” More volunteers for sending intentions are required. They can signup at http://www.dreamhealer.com/global-intention-heals
In the Global Intention Heals Project a volunteer with a medical issue will be wired to an electroencephalographam (EEG). This involves the recording of electrical activity along the scalp produced by firing of neurons within the brain. Neurons are responsible for carrying out all of the brains functions. In the presence of trained clinicians and specialists, the EEG output will be recorded before, during and after specific healing intentions are sent by thousands of people to the volunteer.
While the volunteer is hooked up to the EEG monitor there will be thousands of people from around the world who will be using DreamHealer techniques to focus healing intentions on the volunteer’s brain. The DreamHealer visualizations which they want everyone to use has been placed on their website. These visualizations are designed to focus intention and awareness in the brain of the volunteer at a distance, with the intention of creating activity in the brain which is measureable on the EEG equipment. The volunteer will be unaware of the exact time when the healing intentions will be sent to him by thousands of participants around the globe. The participants will be shown the volunteer’s photograph just before the healing intentions are sent.
If this experiment shows positive results, this leads the way to further understanding of human consciousness and the potential healing power within every thought and intention.
In the last seven years Adam DreamHealer has been presenting in conferences to over 50,000 people worldwide. Adam (B.Sc. -1st Class Hon) Molecular Biology and Biochemistry is a healer, speaker, visionary, and best selling international author of four books in 21 languages sold in 35 countries. He has presented his work at conferences with some of the greatest minds in alternative medicine today, such as Dr. Andrew Weil, Dr. Bruce Lipton, Dr. Edgar Mitchell and many more. He is credited with helping thousands of people in their healing from various ailments, and his website www.dreamhealer.com is full of testimonials. The focus of his work is self-empowerment encouraging the innate healing power of our own intentions.
The possibilities are endless as we may each realize our own potential to influence not only health, but every aspect of our world.