/ EIN Presswire / MILWAUKEE, October 19, 2009 — A new consumer product on the market, Toothbrush Hygiene Helper (TBH), solves the problem of uncovered toothbrushes that are exposed to germs and bacteria from toilet-flushing, hairspray and cleaning products, dirt and dust, and other environmental elements in most bathrooms. TBH also is a preventive tool against in-home exposure to the H1N1 flu virus, in addition to promoting good dental hygiene and health in general, according to Fannie LeFlore, a Milwaukee-based Entrepreneur who invented TBH.

Since most people use the bathroom and brush their teeth at least once a day, TBH is a very practical and non-controversial product that would make a great holiday gift for family, friends and co-workers. Corporations and other organizations can purchase TBH with their logo, telephone and website information on the product to offer as a promotional item/courtesy gift. Bulk orders are eligible for discounts.

Toothbrush Hygiene Helper is a storage container with a top cover to protect toothbrushes and strategic vents to provide air circulation to help toothbrushes dry well and maintain freshness. TBH’s center section holds up to 4 toothbrushes with adapters to accommodate different toothbrush handle sizes, and has a removable spindle for easy cleaning. TBH can stand upright on a bathroom sink counter or shelf, or be secured with a TBH wall mount. The product comes in 5 different colors to match bathroom décor – Gray, Peach, Clear, Blue and Beige. Retail cost for TBH container and wall mount combination is $25.90.

Since March 2009, Toothbrush Hygiene Helper has been distributed through two major avenues:

1) Internet/E-Commerce website established in Fall 2008 (www.toothbrushhygienehelper.com)
2) Affiliates/ Sales Associates nationwide (individuals and organizational vendors, including non-profit organizations such as schools, churches and community groups can sell TBH as a fundraiser).

The inventor of TBH has certifications at the federal, state and local government levels as a minority/woman-owned small business, as well as accreditation by the Better Business Bureau.

CONTACT INFORMATION: Fannie LeFlore, Inventor of Toothbrush Hygiene Helper
Phone 414-527-9627; Fax 414-527-9657 Website: www.toothbrushhygienehelper.com Email: [email protected]

Fannie LeFlore, MS, LPC,CADC-D, also is Owner of LeFlore Communications, LLC in Milwaukee, Wisconsin (www.leflorecommunications.com).