Netanya, Israel 26th, October, 2009 – MySignTV has published a new version of its digital signage software, as the company has already been offering services for digital dynamic network systems. With a considerable amount of niche market experience and a strong background, the company has managed to expand the features of the MySignTV digital signage product beyond all expectations and at this time it is considered to have an excellent price versus quality ratio. Currently, the latest update offers increased usability because of a redesigned graphical user interface as well as new features that allow complete and transparent management of all digital signage content display on a network.

As digital signage is a form of electronic display that supports various forms of content, such an implementation requires a software solution that can help in properly creating, displaying and managing the digital signage network. In the new version of MySignTV, there are three components that help its users to create and manage individual advertising content. The components are MySignTV Player, MySignTV Designer and MySignTV Content Scheduling & Management component, forming a software bundle that offers a complete digital signage software solution.

“Our software package offers complete scalability for digital signage network owners as their infrastructure can always expand without any problem in terms of management and display capabilities, since we offer the ability to purchase one or more individual software components as per the very custom requirements of each digital signage project”, said Mr. Adly Oren, Senior Sales Manager, MySignTV. “There is no comparable solution on the market at this price point” is how Mr. Adly Oren describes the latest MySignTV digital signage software version.

Beyond improved and more scalable software elements, MySignTV has also managed to build a unique reseller program that allows digital signage professionals from all around the world to signup as part of the MySignTV partnership network and start earning as much as they wish, based on a well designed overpricing strategy. As MySignTV does not actually sell directly to its customers, there is a considerable potential of revenue for all major geographic partners, since most customer leads registered by MySignTV are actively being directed to such regional resellers.

“We hope to attract both digital signage equipment distributors as well as software consultants from all around the world to join our reseller network as the potential of reseller side profit is quite impressive”, said Mr. Adly Oren, as part of a description of the MySignTV reseller program. With a completely flexible overpricing strategy, the MySignTV reseller program seems to be a great addition to the inventory of many digital signage related companies from all around the world.

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About MySignTV:

MySignTV offers a complete digital signage solution that is packaged in two different versions. The Pro Edition includes full networking features as well as the server, designer, scheduler, reporting and player component. The Standard Edition was designed to run on a single computer, so it has no networking features, but full designer, scheduler, reporting, and player capabilities. Both versions of the MySignTV digital signage software are bundled with lifetime license, lifetime email support as well as an unique pay-per-usage phone and remote desktop support method, greatly reducing expenses at end-user level and increasing efficiency of every digital signage project.

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