/ EIN Presswire / October 28, 2009 – Face Book, Twitter, MySpace, LinkedIn, and the lists go on of great social networks that cater to everyone that has a pulse and the internet. Few social sites cater to a specific sport or hobby simply because there lacks a demand to compete with the giants. ProFightNetwork Inc. or www.ProFightNetwork.com is emerging as a pioneer in specific social networks.

UFC Legend Chuck Liddell & Cal Poly wrestling teammate, Chris Greenman started MMA’s first noticeable social network (recently changing names to www.mmacranked.com) before succumbing to their personal differences that eventually caused the website to collapse upon Greenman leaving the site and Liddell’s apparent lack of involvement. Greenman quickly remerged in the social network scene with a game plan, a continuation of You Tube style videos, and a hand selected group of owners, partners and affiliates.

Numerous Yahoo and Google newsfeeds, www.Alexa.com rankings, and the growing list of respected affiliates and partners suggest the MMA and Boxing website could possibly be the next Facebook. Already being the sole broadcaster of the controversial number one ranked boxing and MMA broadcasted show in the world in Fight_Net Radio, ProFightNetwork (PFN) doesn’t seem content with just its iTunes flattery nor Podomatic.

During the month of October, things got scarier in terms of dominance. Crushing the founder’s former site before PFN’s official launch tasted great and outranking popular mma and boxing sites on a daily basis seems less filling. However, according to interviews and articles posted in the thousands, PFN prides itself on being ethical and selective in affiliates and partners, but most of all being neutral and an avid supporter of the U.S. Military. This pride carried through in PFN’s partnership with UFC Legend Randy Couture, aka Xtreme Couture, and Randy’s son Ryan Couture (one of mma’s top up and coming pro prospects) has added credibility to this mma/boxing website.

ProFightNetwork visited Camp Pendleton Military base in October just 3 weeks after their visit to Nellis Air Force base in Las Vegas. Couture was on hand at both bases for a meet and greet and even a pushup contest (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RQoW1kYLNck). Other guest’s included The Ultimate Fighter winner James “Lighting” Wilkes, World Class BJJ expert Robert Drysdale, Top 10 ranked female fighter Elaina Maxwell, UFC icon Kevin Randleman, Former UFC champion, Rico Rodriquez, and many more.

Other partners and affiliates making the list include the UFC, www.MMABAY.co.uk (the largest European website for MMA, www.WCSfitness.com (A world supplier in professional fitness equipment), Junglefitnessoc (a elite personal training team in Orange County), and a who’s who list of MMA fighters and celebrities featured on the website which include NFL players, UFC greats, major league baseball players, singers, actresses, pro surfers, and the list goes on.

The webmaster assured us that they do their best to authenticate everyone on the site and only allow one profile of each fighter or celebrity, and cross check IP addresses. We noticed there were two James Wilks accounts, maybe one for him and one for his gym. We caught up with PFN’s president, Chris Greenman, at Crystal Cove State Park while he was filming a Japanese mma and fitness workout video series being filmed by Robin & Tani Media Factory who has produced hundreds of productions, including: TV shows, commercials, educational videos, and music videos as well.

Greenman was winded but did answer a few questions regarding the rapid rise of the mma/boxing site after he caught his breath. We asked Greenman the secret to the rapid success and he responded without hesitation, “I have been in MMA, karate, and fighting my whole life, couple that with being a businessman/entrepreneur for almost the same amount of time, I am getting close to 40, it’s hardly rapid.”

“We are just giving the fighters and fans what they want, in which I call the three T’s, The Total Truth. Lee Honish and I set out to deliver it at all cost. We do not cater to any agendas, we don’t sell out to the highest bidder, and we only align ourselves with reputable partners, and unfortunately this is not how corporate America works. We don’t necessarily tell people what they want to hear, but rather the truth. Like Seinfeld or Howard Stern, it just happens to be funny, real funny, which I guess is why we are the fastest growing mma/boxing site in the world and host the top mma and boxing broadcast too?

“We will tell our 4 million registered listeners that the UFC is missing out on a huge market by only catering to the UFC fighters. “I have no problem telling our listeners that Dana White is very smart in bringing the worse excuse for a mma fighter, Kimbo Slice, to his coveted TUF series, however it does lead many people to think Dana can be bought. Our experts will tell the fans and fighters that Affliction didn’t just wake up one day and decide to go back to making shirts for the UFC and the world’s number 3 ranked heavyweight Josh Barnett voluntarily decides to take a drug test after being in the sport forever, and test positive? Finally, because I gotta get back to my Mr. Miagi waxing on and off videos, I will let anyone in the MMA/boxing world know, Fedor Emilienko is the number one pound for pound fighter in the world, period, yes period. Yahoo, who apparently got on the same payment plan as Aflliction, claims to give us Yahoo news in MMA and calls it UFC? I mean the UFC is the front runner in MMA hands down which is a reason we sell their clothes on our site, but the UFC is not MMA. Mixed Martial Arts has over a million participants worldwide in some capacity, UFC fighters make up a pebble on a beach in the big picture. Yahoo should respect the sport and not kiss the ass of the leader, but hats off to Dana!”

www.ProFightNetwork.com told staff writers it mimicked the look and functionality of FaceBook but added a few twists. Co-owner Lee Honish told us, “PFN wanted to step away from the skulls, crosses, and death that 90% of MMA companies hold their hat on, and just be a professional social site that caters to combat sports, in particular MMA and boxing. Then add our number one broadcasted MMA/boxing show in Fight_Net Radio, Greenman’s 300+ videos, countless groups, blogs, chats, and forums, why wouldn’t you be one of the quarter million people coming to our site each month, did I mention Fight_Net Radio has over four million listeners registered?”

PFN Treasurer and PR director, Steve Haase, in a phone interview, summed up our story. “We are gaining momentum but being very careful along the way, Chris Greenman got the short change on the last site he built, he is now surrounded by lawyers, friends, business partners & affiliates that have impeccable histories and hold him in high regards. We have a business plan in place that we will see gets carried out, our six figure website has been self-funded and is concentrated on functionality versus look and feel. From our last board meeting it appears that the company would be open to the right investor(s) or company if they approach us and allow us to continue our current path and/or minimally shares the same ethics and visions. We will stay self-funded as we already operate at a gain.” MMA and Boxing has found the ultimate fighter and fan paradise in ProFightNetwork, congratulations to their team.

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